November 29, 2004

you know it's Monday when...

...within the first 5 minutes after you get up, you've

~switched on the light and burnt out the bulb

~gotten an e-mail from the host to whom you were going to move your weblog over Thanksgiving, which would've been the perfect time, but didn't because they were going to move their server during Thanksgiving weekend, and the e-mail says "Oh by the way, we sorta didn't move it yet at all, we're gonna do it this weekend..."

~gotten 24 blogspam from somebody who sells muscle relaxants. Apparently they think if they spam you enough, you'll be enraged enough that you'll want them.

I don't want muscle relaxants. I want a chainsaw. And if I ever find the person who did this to my weblog, I will laugh all the way to the electric chair knowing I left them in a quivering pile of bleeding gobbets. The same goes for any of the Downs syndrome cases I catch actually buying anything from their site.

I'm gonna go make some coffee.

Happy Monday.


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November 28, 2004


Take the quiz: "Which Random Irish Gaelic Phrase Are You? "

Ta mo bhriste tri thine
Ta mo bhriste tri thine - 'My trousers are on fire.' You're a few bricks short of a load, aren't you? You're probably not allowed to use sharp objects and you should be locked in a rubber room. With Rubber rats. Rubber rats? I hate rubber rats. They drive me crazy. Crazy? I was crazy once. They put me in a rubber room. With rubber rats. Rubber rats? I hate rubber rats...

Boy, did they peg that one right.


From a story about a guy who mistook his family members for the turkey [link from Sheelzebub]:

Jack Levin, a criminologist, said the stabbing may seem peculiar, but is not rare, especially around the holidays.

''Family violence often occurs during a holiday because family members who don't get along well are forced together," said Levin, director of the Brudnick Center on Violence and Conflict at Northeastern University. ''For one thing, the holidays are stressful, not because people are alone, but because they are thrown together with relatives that they may not like."

And people wonder why I eat alone.


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November 27, 2004


You know the Christ-people next door with the crackhead kids whose "play" sounds like the frenzied stampeding of rhinoceros?

They're moving.

Hopefully it will be a while before somebody decides to move in and start a meth lab as has been done with half the other buildings in this town that have apartments. I'd still rather have the Jesus people than meth-cookers, but chances are it's going to stay vacant for a while, especially if the landlords are asking the same price they were before--and that's the best-case scenario.

Now I can play guitar whenever I want, as loud as I want. :D


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...did you expect me to do a damn thing this week besides eat turkey and potatoes?


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November 22, 2004


Well, it doesn't look like I'll be moving over Thanksfighting weekend, because the geniuses at the new host are doing their big switch to the new servers...guess when! Thanksfighting weekend! Thanks, host people! It'll be fucking Christmas before I have another break long enough to futz with this, unless I wanna blow a whole weekend.

Maybe I'll get the flu or something and have to be home for like 3 days straight.

Sorry, Lis...I'll be out of your hair soon.


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November 20, 2004

shameless plug

Posted a couple new images to my ArtWanted account...they're not newly completed works, it's just that I only now got round to uploading them, so they're new to the folio.

Spoiled myself rotten today; went out for lunch, bought earrings [jolly rogers, naturally], splurged on a tree-shaped candle for the altar for Yule [probably won't light it, it's too pretty], picked up a portable CD player and got some smoked Gouda cheese. I'm so damn extravagant.

I also got some cherry-flavoured Eclipse gum. Do NOT buy this. It tastes like something you get at the dentist. Get the blue stuff. Repeat: Cherry and mint do NOT go together. I gotta find somebody who sucks to give this away to.

Oh, and Claire's had Happy Bunny wallet cards with 2005 calendars on the back. I was going to resist buying one until I saw the one that said "oops I pooped on your things." It was all over after that. Now I know what I want on my business cards.


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November 19, 2004

Turkeys, Eagles, Bill Gates And Other Assorted Large Birds

Another excellent IDT.

And Bush pardons a pair of turkeys. I tell you, this nepotism-in-the-government thing is getting way out of hand. The funny thing is this photo...I'm no poultry farmer, but that doesn't look like the right way to hold a turkey if you want it to live. However, he does have this expression like this is the first turkey he's ever seen up close, so maybe he doesn't know how you're supposed to hold them.

And this just made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside:

Microsoft's Gates Is World's Most 'Spammed' Person

Gates, Microsoft's chairman, gets 4 million e-mails a day and is probably the most "spammed" person in the world, his Chief Executive Officer Steve Ballmer said Thursday.

Goodness, I'm tired.

same bitch time, same bitch channel...

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November 18, 2004

Because everybody knows there aren't enough rules in the world.

Another installment of

It's baaaaaack...

~Use birth control unless you're absolutely sure you want to change shitty diapers, correct homework and fight over bedtime for the next couple decades [or longer if your child is mentally disabled].

~Never tell somebody who appears upset to calm down. You will only make the person angrier. If the person is only mildly upset, you will imply that even slight deviations from a calm mood are unacceptable. This will make the person feel as though they are being misread and/or their emotions do not count, and that will inflame them further. If the person is severely upset, telling them to calm down may result in something being thrown at you. The proper way to handle an upset person is to leave or wait patiently until they've calmed down on their own. [A good way to get them upset again once they've calmed down is to ask if they feel better, thereby implying that non-cheerful moods are a form of illness.] Also, remember that the ability to control one's temper is a skill like any other; there will be people who are good at it and people who aren't. The people who aren't will not appreciate having their attention called to it any more than a stutterer will appreciate being told to stop stuttering.

~Learn how to grow herbs and vegetables and to trap food, even if you can't get any actual experience at it. Should the West be plunged into another Dark Age in your lifetime, you will be better off, even with book knowledge only, than the people who have neither book knowledge nor survival experience. If nothing else, it will give you a deep appreciation for modern civilisation [especially the bit about not having to tan hides with mashed brains, a commonly used technique].

~Give to overseas charities if you get a chance. America spends roughly 1/10 of one percent of its GNP on foreign aid. That's like having $100 and putting a dime in the donation box.

~Kids, don't try to get high by sniffing white-out or airplane glue. It's dangerous. Drink NyQuil.

~When buying coloured pencils, crayons or other art supplies, spend the extra money and get the good ones. Otherwise you'll have spent almost as much money for crap.

~Friends don't let friends karaoke drunk.

And that's a wrap.

same bitch time, same bitch channel...

Thought for the day: Why do they call it "easy listening" when it's so damn hard to listen to?

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November 16, 2004

Free image from moi

TCF [or somebody else; I saw it on his blog] beat me to it with the actual implementation of the "Don't Blame Me" concept, but the design I'd had in mind went a little more like this:

Seriously.  Don't.

Feel free to swipe this and put it on your site.


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November 15, 2004

Oopsie! lol

Rori had a post recently about the perceived power of bloggers, and how some believe we should be held to the same standards as professional journalists. Y'know, even though we don't get paid, and many of us have to pay for the privilege of posting on the Web, and we don't have degrees in journalism.

How 'bout these standards, eh? Well, let's see. I got up this evening and took a peek at Yahoo news to see what kind of new clusterfucks developed in the world while I was sleeping. Yahoo news uses stories from Associated Press, Reuters and other reputable news sources.

From a story about a Marine shooting an injured prisoner [there's a cf for ya]:

The videotape shows some of the Marines approaching the mosque a day later — Saturday. Gunfire can be heard from inside. At the mosque entrance, Marines who were already inside emerge from the building and are asked by the approaching Marines if there were insurgents inside, if the Marines had shot any of them and if the enemy fighters were armed? [underscore mine]

What have we here? Why, it looks like a basic 6th-grade grammatical error. You don't put a question mark after a sentence like that. If the story had read, "...asked by the approaching Marines, 'Are there insurgents inside; have the Marines shot any of them; and are the enemy fighters armed?'" with the question inside quotes, it would be fine. Alternatively, it could have said, "...asked by the approaching Marines: were there insurgents inside; had the Marines shot any of them; and were the enemy fighters armed?" I wouldn't necessarily expect the average Joe to remember sentence-diagramming nuances such as the subject-verb-clause "Marines | are asked | if...[clause]," but I would hope somebody who writes for a living would know enough not to do that.

Then there's a story about Saddam Hussein's $21-billion swindling of the UN's oil-for-food program. My, my. Saddam Hussein cheating people. I'm just shocked.

Anyway, the article makes reference reference here to something that doesn't quite exist:

Previous estimates — one from the General Accountability Office and the other by the top U.S. arms inspector Charles Duelfer — concluded that Saddam's government brought in $10 billion illicitly from 1990 to 2003, when sanctions were in place. [again, underscores mine]

Yeah. I sorta checked. There's a Government Accountability Office, sometimes called the General Accounting Office, but there's kinda not really anything called a "General Accountability Office."

And since Condoleeza Rice is replacing Colin Powell [yeah, I thought "what the hell?" too], Yahoo news posted a brief bio on her, including this quote:

"Knowing what we know about the difficulties of our own history, knowing the history of Alabama and Mississippi and Tennessee, we should be humble in singing freedom's praise, but our voice should never waiver in speaking out on the side of those who seek freedom." [ guessed it]

'Scuse me, Mr. Yahoo, and stuff, but isn't "waiver" with an "i" a noun? And doesn't it refer to a dispensation or a deferment?

So, apparently professional journalistic standards include making the sort of mechanical errors you see in middle-school book reports and getting the names of government offices wrong. I can adhere to that. I'll be expecting my paycheck from NYT in the mail soon.


Couple other news things that were just plain creepy:

~Buy a house, get a free stiff!

~This worries me because I have myopia, and I spend entirely too much time on this thing.

~People are burning for Bush. Well, one fellow anyway. It also says somebody climbed the White House fence, apparently on the same day. I'd say Bush's efforts to unify the country are going smoothly, wouldn't you?

~And Big Cheeses #1 and #2 at the CIA's clandestine service just up and quit. Nobody's saying why, exactly. Whadja expect? It's the CIA.

My eyes hurt.

same bitch time, same bitch channel...

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Um. Excuse me...

...but should we be worried about this?

The Outstanding Public Debt as of 15 Nov 2004 at 01:30:43 PM GMT is:


[Courtesy of Ed Hall at]

Especially, y'know, considering that the whole gross domestic product in 2002--and I doubt it's risen dramatically since then--was only $10.44 trillion? That makes, oh, about $3 trillion difference between EVERYTHING WE HAVE and what we owe. Which means the United States is 71% of the way to Chapter 7.

Spank you very much, Bush.


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November 14, 2004

snzxxx...huh? what?

I've gotten into the habit, on weekends, of going and sitting down at the computer when I first wake up, because the computer chair is the only one that doesn't have stuff all over it. Sitting at the computer naturally leads to going online and checking e-mail, and that generally leads to opening Yahoo Messenger and seeing if there's anybody from my list online...

...whereupon I'll instantly get slammed with a message from somebody who added me [and either I never added them back, or I deleted them cos I never see them and can't remember who they are anymore] saying "hai" or "was up" or some other thing. I suppose it's partially my fault; I could try and break the habit of putting on Messenger before I've had my coffee, or put "waking up" as my status...

...and then on the other hand, what the hell is the deal with IM'ing somebody who just came on 5 seconds ago anyway? You know they're not ready to talk to anybody. Give people a minute. Jeez.

Anyway, now that that public service announcement is over, here's the Witches Weekly.

How do you incorporate your spirituality into your daily life?
Does saying "Oh, my gods!" count? Okay, serious answer: Can you NOT incorporate spirituality into your daily life? I mean, don't you carry your spirit with you everywhere you go? I really don't think it's as much a matter of actively incorporating it--it's inextricably ever-present--as it is of being more aware of it. And as to that...sometimes I'm more aware, sometimes I'm less. But I always know it's there.

Does your daily life hinder or support your beliefs or practices?
In a way, it hinders it. Working night shift saps a lot of your energy and makes it tough to get motivated to do circles on a regular basis. It also makes it so that over half the full moons fall on work nights, and at least a third of the full moons fall on days when the day before and the day after are also either work nights or nights that you need to rest [Friday nights are right out for circles, cos I'm just too wiped].

What do you wish you could do more for your beliefs on a more regular basis?
I wish I had the energy to paint more, to hold circles on a regular basis like any decent priestess should, spend more time copying stuff into my grimoire [I love it to death, but I'm starting to wish I'd been more practical and less tradition-happy and just started a damn 3-Ring Binder of Shadows from the outset--let that be a warning to n00bwitches, you're gonna wanna shuffle pages around, and copying by hand gets old fast]...wish I had more energy to play and write music...all these things are spiritual. I consider art and music acts of devotion, no matter the type, because they're a form of creation, which is sacred; moreover, they're the bringing into the physical world of something which previously existed only in a mental or spiritual form.

I think I just wrote myself into a corner.



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Holy Gold Teeth!

~Moment of silence...ODB kicked the bucket.

Not that I was a huge fan or anything, but people who make life a little more colourful should be remembered.

~Fat-bottomed girls, we truly do make the rockin' world go round. Now they're putting that sassy ass in stores.

~Fool me once, shame on you...fool me twice...uh, maybe we should just shut the church down altogether, screw it.

~"Hey Anna, did you see ANAL today?"

"Ja, ja! Wunderbar! I'll have to catch it again tomorrow--I'm hooked on ANAL!"

[Apparently the Germans pay about as much attention to their soap opera acronyms as American censors pay to Rammstein lyrics.]

~I discovered this form of therapy in high school. In fact, I still do it. Now they're charging money in Spain for people to do it.

~But...but...I LIKE "Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da"! I think it's cute! Why the hell isn't there something by Starship or Michael Bolton or Stryper or something on that list? Damn fuggin' list people.



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November 13, 2004

Somebody sucks huge lion balls.

And I can't figure out if it's an employee of Mozilla or of Movable Type. Whoever you are, you better print up business cards that say "Shit" on them, because that is your name with me now.


As bad as Internet Explorer sucks, it does one thing that I refuse to do without. It actually renders the quick-HTML buttons on my New Entry page on MT. Netscape, the insufferable snobs, and Firefox, the new insufferable snobs, will not deign to render them. I am buttonless. I was really, really, REALLY hoping that Firefox would be considerate about this and be a little less of a jackhole than Netscape is about unsupported Java scripts--I was heartily looking forward to the release of this version of FF, for exactly that reason--but apparently not.

It sounds like I'm making a big deal over a little thing, and I damn well am. Big things aren't worth getting upset about. If Firefox totally sucked, I'd go "oh well" and uninstall it. But when it does everything else in the galaxy, and everybody prances around blathering about how fantastic it is...and it does all this stuff, but it can't render four fucking Java buttons [YES, I have Java and Javascript both enabled on FF1.0, do not fucking ask me that, that was the first damn thing I thought of!!]...I mean, it's not like I'm whining about not having phasers or flying cars or something. Java buttons for HTML tags EXIST. They WORK, if they'll render. So there's really no sane reason in the world for a browser not to support them, or for a blog program to write them in such a way that they're only usable by one browser. It's just fucking retarded. If anybody from Mozilla or MT is reading this, I do not CARE what your reasoning is for doing the buttons that way. It's stupid. The End. Fix it.

If I wanted to type out my own fucking HTML tags by hand like a bum, I'd use my free LiveJournal account more. I put up with Movable Type and its idiosyncrasies, in part, because of conveniences it has like tags that work right the first time and don't have to be quadruple-checked to make sure you didn't italicise 4 paragraphs instead of 2 words.

Not only that, Firefox 1.0 has a Google search thing, right in the fucking address bar, that you can't get rid of. Get this straight. If I want to look for something on Google, I will GO to Google. I wouldn't have minded half as much if they gave you the option to get rid of the damn thing. It's the fact that they're forcing it on you that angers me.

So, BECAUSE I DON'T HAVE A FUCKING THING ELSE TO DO WITH MY LIFE EXCEPT DICK AROUND MAKING NEW BLOGS, I think I'll move the switch to WordPress higher up on my priority list. If Movable Type won't employ scripts that work on any browser anywhere except IE [spitting at the name], then I think it's sorta time to move on while WP is still free.

If, after moving to WordPress, I find that they don't have HTML tag buttons, I'm going to chuck this whole sonuvabitching computer out the window and go live in a cave.

No, I don't feel better yet. I just wanted 4 fucking Java buttons. Is that really that much to ask?

I'm gonna go have some hot chocolate and lie down. At least my damn car stereo works. And it's Saturday.

same bitch time, same bitch channel.

[Update: Firefux apparently doesn't like the Weather Channel's site either, because it took 3 tries to get it to load the main page, and it never did load the local forecast page. Fuck 'em. It'd be faster to drive to somebody else's house, ask to use their TV, and then turn on the actual Weather Channel and wait for the Local on the 8's.]

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W00T again!

MY CAR STEREO WORKS!!!!11!!eleven!!!

I have to test the cruise control, but I can do that Monday. This weekend I'm going to rest, get well and bask in the glorious knowledge of having a functioning car stereo again.

I <3 my mechanic. :)


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I do NOT feel well.

But...I have Nestlé Butterfinger hot cocoa mix. mmmmmmmmm. Not quite as peanut buttery as I'd hoped, but still fairly so, and still very tasty. [I had eaten a handful of peanuts right before drinking it, so my peanut taster might have been off.]

I couldn't find a link for the product on Nestlé's site, but I did find out that the guy who invented milk chocolate was a neighbour of Henri Nestlé, owner of a Swiss company that sold milk and baby formula, and they merged companies in '29, inventing what we know today as Nestlé chocolate. So it's the proverbial chocolate-truck-crashes-into-a-milk-truck story.

So anyway, that's why their chocolate is so good. It's Swiss.

I still don't feel well. And I itch.

And D, I know you're reading this.

same bitch time, same bitch channel...

Lyric for the day:
well it's got to be a chocolate Jesus
make me feel good inside
got to be a chocolate Jesus
keep me satisfied

--Waits, "Chocolate Jesus," Mule Variations

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November 10, 2004

What's up, doc? You, for 30 hours.

Ridiculously long shifts for interns and residents at hospitals has been in the news on and off for a while now [I also seem to remember an "ER" episode dealing with it], and it's something I've always felt strongly about. This editorial hits the nail on the head.

The details are eye-opening. Interns in the coronary and intensive care units of Boston's Brigham and Women's Hospital who worked 80 hours per week, including 24-hour shifts, made almost six times as many diagnostic errors and 36% more medical errors as colleagues who were limited to 16-hour shifts and 63 hours per week.

The errors included sticking a tube in the wrong vein and ordering 10 times the correct dosage of a medication. Other staffers often found and corrected the mistakes before serious harm was caused, researchers said.


Medicine will never be a 9-to-5 job. But the goal is to deliver quality care, not to run a tough-man competition or cut costs so severely that patients are endangered.

Good read.


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goofy old world...

~Okay. In all the time that I've had this blog, I've never used categories, never employed the "add category" feature. So how come I now have a category called "politics" in my dropdown box? I'm quite sure I didn't put it there, even though it says it was created by me. It has no entries assigned to it. So it's going byebye.
if you can read this
~Doctors are funny, at least when they're treating somebody else and not you. I explained yesterday to the doctor that nasal sprays give me a sore throat and that some of them actually congest me worse than I was before. She then proceeded to give me a sample of a nasal spray that I hadn't tried. I accepted it for the same reason Charlie Brown keeps kicking the football. She also gave me a sample of Zyrtec-D, which contains Zyrtec and 120 mg of Sudafed. I normally don't take more than 30 mg of Sudafed at one time, and 60 mg is often enough to put me in Smurfland. Yes, I explained this to her prior to receiving the sample. [Benadryl and Sudafed together literally make me feel as though my limbs are detaching themselves and floating away. Allegra-D does more or less the same thing. This is why I never use illegal drugs. I can get completely blasto anytime I want from going to Walgreens.]
you probably spend
I'd go to somebody else, but they'd just do the same thing. Besides, I'm just getting her broken in. And she did finally suggest I see an ENT [an ear-nose-throat doctor, although it would be really cool to get a referral to a 40-foot tree person too], which is what I've been wanting to do for about 2 years. Plus, her nurse happens to be a former ENT nurse, and she showed me a better way to administer nasal spray by holding the bottle horizontally instead of vertically and pointing the nozzle toward the ear on the same side as the nostril you're spraying. I tried it with some saline and got much better [i.e. less drippy and more moisturizing] results than I usually do.
too much time
This Zyrtec-D gives a nice buzz. I highly recommend it if you're on parole or something and can't have alcohol. For daily use, though, I think I'll have to have her write up a Rx for the non-D stuff and just pop a 30-mg Sudafed occasionally, because I'm having trouble getting my fingers to do quite what I want unless I focus very closely. And my one pinky has gone all funny.
highlighting text
May I come down now?
looking for secret messages.
same bitch time/same bitch channel...

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November 08, 2004

yeah, okay.

Rori moved. She is now here.
that's me in the spotlight
Simpson did a fantastic commentary on the election Thursday on IDT. [Previous content deleted and replaced with the following approved image, uploaded to this server to avoid bandwidth drainage.]
losing my religion
Anybody else get the R.E.M. reference?
trying to keep up with you
& i don't know if i can do it
My car has an unidentified leak. It's going in Thursday.
oh no i've said too much
Isn't that the sort of stuff you're supposed to put on your blog, instead of swearing and complaining and getting banned by filtering software? Riveting, isn't it? I could go on about the nonfunctional cruise control...that's clean...
i haven't said enough
[Yes, C told me today when she tried to access this site that it wouldn't go through. "Tasteless," the filter said. The very idea. We don't say anything tasteless here, now do we? I wonder if the filter really does recognise tastelessness, or if it still lets through pages like this. Anyway, it wasn't banned by any of the other filtering software that had a "test site" feature on their site. However, that could be because only about 30 people on the planet know about this site.]
Come on, everybody knows "Losing My Religion"
Well, on the bright side, the next time some nimrod tells me I'd make a great mom and I should get crackin' on having kids, I can point to my blog as refuting evidence. That and my predilection for songs like "Beat on the Brat."
from Out Of Time
Must go to work...
1991, right before Monster
remember? the video with all the fake wings...
Lyric for the day:
oh life
is bigger
it's bigger than you
and you are not me...

Everybody knows this. Extra points if you can name the album too. [The answer is actually somewhere on this page.]

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written immediately upon waking

Dear immediate family,

I have worked the exact same hours now for three and a half years. If you can't remember by now when I sleep, please stop trying to call me on the phone and just e-mail me. E-mail's free anyway, and long-distance calls aren't. Otherwise, I will be forced to write you out of my will, which I may have to pen a lot sooner than you think if I can't get any damn decent sleep.


P. S. to my insurance agent: No, I can't afford life insurance. But if I could, I'd probably be a lot more likely to buy it if you didn't wait until I was asleep to call me about it. thx

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The Big Five-Oh, not that Five-Oh. Believe me, I don't get that excited about Jack Lord.

Nup. WB has now officially banned 50 IP addresses [and in fact, when I logged on to do this entry, I banned #51 and #52]. Not as much, I'm sure, as Rori has, and not nearly the number that appears on MT Blacklist [which apparently doesn't do as excellent a job as Six Apart would have one believe, if you read enough MT blogs].

So, to bob, to C1al1s, to Cheap V1agra, to #$%\#$%\#$%\, to all of you who have spammed the crap out of my blog and forced me to block you, which only worked until you switched IP addresses, I can only say this: Thank you for deepening my frown lines making this a memorable day, and I wish you all a severe case of e-herpes.


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Diff't Strokes!

I'm going to introduce a concept here that may be unfamiliar to some of you. In recent days I've had several conversations with people who seem to be under the impression that certain preferences are "normal" and other preferences are "deviant" or "weird"--and that as such, they should be altered so as to come into conformance with what these people and their peers consider "normal." To these people I have what may be a rather disturbing revelation:


[Pause while this sinks in/floats on top/slides down the side...]

Let's explore some examples that illustrate this rather perplexing idea.


When I mention that I eat 2% cheese, skim milk, spinach, and whole-wheat pretty much everything, some people react as though I'd just told them I eat deep-fried stuffed diapers. However, some of these same people will consume things that I find completely disgusting, such as beer, lutefisk, pineapple pizza, and Arby's. Now, should they change their culinary tastes to conform to mine, or should I change mine to conform to theirs? Should I sit there and try to convince them that skim milk is delicious [when I know from experience that it tastes like water to somebody who's used to 2% milk]? Should they sit and tell me I'm wrong for not liking the taste of beer? Of course not. They have their beer, I have my skim milk, and everybody's happy.


This is a thornier one, because in most places in the world, people are brainwashed taught to believe that everybody, with no exceptions, should go out and get girlfriends and boyfriends, then get married, then have babies. So, when you present the idea of not dating, not marrying and not becoming a yardape farm to people, you often get a vacant stare. They've been taught that it's Just Something Everybody Does, like bathing and walking on two legs.

If you say you prefer living alone, or that you don't like to date, many of them will ask you who broke your heart, because naturally, every stranger has a right to know that. Others will just ask you, in a general sort of way, why you don't like dating, as if not liking dating is equivalent to loathing the whole human race. The fact is, dating is only one of many social activities, and not liking one social activity doesn't equate to not liking social activity in general. Not only that, dating carries the added connotation of looking for a mate, or at least looking for a sex partner. [If you're going out with somebody and your intentions don't involve trying to find out if you want to sleep with the person at some point, either casually or monogamously--I don't care what you call it, it's not dating. It's going out with friends.]

Which leads to the other reason for allegations of deviancy among non-daters: the belief that if you're not in a sexual relationship, or actively searching for one--preferably a monogamous one--there's Something Wrong With You. And this is really invidious, because when people get the idea that there's Something Wrong With You that causes you to not actively seek out sex, they start trying to do something that they call "helping you" but which is actually invading your privacy. See, when you ask someone why they don't date, you're basically asking them why they're not looking for a sex partner. And that amounts to asking about their sex life. And that is really, really none of your business.

Some people, it's true, don't date because somebody hurt their feelings and they're afraid to get into another romantic relationship. The problem, though, lies in the erroneous assumption that hurt feelings are the primary direct motivation for choosing not to date. Everybody gets their feelings hurt during a breakup. There's really no disputing that. But correlation doesn't equal causation. And many people who decide not to date do so not because of the hurt caused them by a specific person, but because their personalities aren't suited to the dynamics of a romantic relationship or dating. It's not just the heartbreak itself they're ambivalent about, it's the emotional strain of the relationship itself. Some of these people are socially maladjusted, but a lot of them have good relationships with their family and friends, and simply don't want the added stress of the sex factor in their relationships--their platonic relationships give them plenty of emotional fulfilment, and they don't need a romantic relationship to make them whole. Some people are celibate due to painful and untreatable medical conditions or past surgeries; some people have hormonal differences that cause them to have low interest in sex. [Imagine being badgered with "Why don't you have a girlfriend/boyfriend" until you're cornered into having to reveal something like that, because the person won't take "none of your business" for an answer! It's debasing.] In addition, there are people who refrain from dating or romantic relationships because they've identified things about themselves that tend to sabotage their relationships--and they're on hiatus from dating while they work on those things, because they know they're not going to have fulfilling relationships until the issues are resolved. And then there are some people who just don't feel a very strong need for human company.

Now look how damn long that paragraph was. That's a LOT of reasons for not dating, isn't it? I bet you feel pretty stupid for assuming that everybody who's not doing the Dinner-Movie-Backseat Rhumba is a despondent, brokenhearted shell who just needs to get back out there and start mingling again so they can resume a "healthy" [read as "involving a partner and on a regular basis"] sex life.

The point of all this: Again, different people like different things. It is not hurting you if somebody else decides not to date. It is not hurting you if somebody else remains child-free or unmarried of their own volition. It is not a condemnation of your choice for somebody else to choose differently from you. It is not a symptom of emotional disturbance for a person to choose the types of relationships that fit best with their personality and circumstances, and to refrain from the types that don't work well for them. It should be taken as an indication that what the culture deems "normal" not only does not fit every member of that culture, but also is not necessarily universally good.


Somebody said to me that if you can't appreciate both representational and nonrepresentational art, you can't really, with much conviction, call yourself an art lover. Up to then, I had been willing to give a pass to those who only like art that's a picture of something and react to everything else with "My toddler/grandson/preschool niece could do that," as long as they could tell the difference between a good picture of something and a lousy picture of something.

The person had a point, though: if you only like it because it's a representation of something, and because the artist depicted something recognisable using a method you're not talented at or trained in, that's really not appreciating art. That's appreciating somebody's skill at being a human camera. Two hundred years ago, "art" and "skill at being a human camera" were pretty much the same thing, because that's usually what artists ended up doing. Now that people don't have to rely on painters for landscapes, portraits or still lifes [I've seen people take fantastic landscape photos with their cell phones], it frees us up to explore a lot of things that can only be expressed in nonrepresentational format because trying to use literal symbols arranged in familiar ways is too inexact. Many of the things we want to say that can't be said with words also can't be said with familiar objects, and only a very few artists can express those things through shadow or other elements solely within the constraints of representational art.

I also just realised something else: If you're the kind of person who emphatically prefers "pictures of things" over nonrepresentational art, you've probably stopped reading this by now. That's good; it frees me from any pretense at politeness towards the "I Like Thomas Kinkade Therefore I'm An Art Lover" crowd.

It's like this. If you don't like art, come out and say you don't like art. I'm aware that not everybody is going to get, say, Pollock or Bacon or Duchamp. You have to learn to think in a certain way to understand non-literal art, the same way you have to learn to think in a certain way to read music or perform any other mental skill. People who tend to think in very concrete, linear terms are not going to get it unless they train themselves to think in more intuitive terms. And a lot of people aren't going to do that, and there's no reason why everybody in the world should have to.

But some people look at this stuff, they don't understand it, and I'm sure it makes them feel stupid that they don't get it. So instead of accepting that nobody can understand everything, they insult it and go, "My three-year-old could do that." And they project the stupidity they feel over their lack of understanding onto the artist and conclude that the artist is a dumbass and so is everybody who buys that worthless crap.

To which I say: No, bitch, your three-year-old couldn't do that. That would be like me looking at a page from the Quran written in Arabic, and saying, "I can scribble like that!" Somebody who can read Arabic would know it for what it is, but to me, it just looks like a bunch of chicken-scratch. To somebody who has a sense of how to "read" nonrepresentational art, the work has a wealth of meaning, from the choice of colours and values, to the selection and placement of shapes, to the use of negative space.

And yes, every person who looks at it sees something different. Does that mean it isn't communicating? Every person who reads Ulysses or the Bible, or listens to Mozart or Zeppelin, is going to derive a different interpretation from it. There are common interpretations that occur to many people, as well as less common ones [Charles Manson's unique, if violence-inducing, interpretation of The White Album springs to mind]; but what a work says, or how universally its intended interpretation--if any--is understood, is only part of its power. Even if a zillion people look at it and all come away with something completely different, the fact that they come away with something meaningful lends power to that work.

And everybody's aesthetic is different. I look at Picasso the same way I look at Elvis: I greatly respect his contribution to his art form, and I have nothing but admiration for the courage and innovation with which he revolutionized that art form through his work. But personally, he doesn't really make my socks roll up and down. I'd just as soon take Max Ernst or Chuck Berry any day. And I've had people literally insult me for not having Picasso as my favourite artist, or for preferring Berry to Elvis.

Why? I could see [not condone, mind you, but see] somebody upbraiding me for saying I liked O-Town, because I seriously can't understand why anybody over 12 and with a normal IQ would like O-Town. But what is this Borg mentality people have, where if they assume that everybody likes k, and you don't happen to care for k, you should be badgered, cajoled, and ridiculed until you capitulate and convert over to liking k? What the hell is the matter with people that they can't abide other people not liking the same things they like?


If somebody likes something you think it's not normal to like, or if somebody doesn't like something that you think people should like...instead of trying to persuade them to change their preferences to match everybody else's, try asking yourself if their difference in preferences is really presenting a problem for them or hurting anybody else. If the person doesn't date, and they don't want to, don't worry about it. If they say no to pizza night because they don't like pizza, accept it. Don't badger them about how they'd love pizza if only they'd try the kind from your favourite restaurant. If they're not hurting anybody by liking what they like [and your taking their preference for something else as a snub of what you like, doesn't count as hurting you], it's none of your damn business if they date, or if they want children, or if they like pizza, or if they want to spend their Friday nights smearing themselves with apple butter and lip-synching to Supremes CD's.

Just...let people be what the hell they are.

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November 07, 2004

somebody got a drill?

I need two small holes, one above each ear...just to let out some of the pressure in my head...


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November 05, 2004

Guerrilla Warfare

Via Sheelzebub...a link I've been wondering about for a long time. I'd read about the Guerrilla Girls in art history survey, and I'd wondered idly if they had broken up, or if they were still around.

They're still going strong.

Go check it out.


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Witchybitch Week In Review

~TDK cassettes suck, especially their 90-minute ones. They have more damn warble than a flock of canaries. They break easily with a metal hammer, though, and can be used as collage elements.

~Computer keyboards are more difficult to break. You have to get the big hammer for them.

~I'm trying to decide whether it's worse to waste the gas to drive to town when I know my parents [who live 2 blocks from me] are going to town on the same day, or to waste an entire day shopping with them when I could go on my own, be done in an hour and a half and have more precious time and patience left over at the end of the day.

~I think I'll go tomorrow. I feel like roadkill.

~I'm compiling an FAQ for people who IM me on Yahoo. Sample questions:

Q. r u single [or "do u hv bf"]

A. Yes, I'm single. No, I am not looking for a boyfriend.

Q. y u not marry u r 28

A. Because I prefer living alone.

Q. u will marry me

A. No, I will not.

Enough, enough...

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November 04, 2004


I'm getting very tired of the way software functions.

First I post a comment to EBC, and it doesn't go through, then I post one to Rori, and that doesn't go through...

Either the gods want me to shut the hell up, or something's fucky.

And my stomach hurts. I don't know what the hell to eat anymore. Everything except bread, cheese and milk sets it off. Maybe I'll just take a big thing of milk and my whole wheat English muffins to work tonight. Anybody who has problems figuring out why Cobain blew his brains out has never had an ulcer.

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November 02, 2004

as of about 8 pm

Bush 102 electoral/55%
Kerry 77 electoral/44%

Godfucking fuckit. The idiots are falling for the Osama ploy. It was perfect, OBL: Release a tape blabbing about what a dipshit Bush is, and since Americans hate you, they'll vote for him just out of spite. Which is exactly what you want, because you know he's not gonna come after you. He's too busy practicing his hubris.

I feel like calling in drunk to work tonight.

America, you are stupid and gullible and you deserve whatever you get now.

How's it go? "Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me?" Because I know it's not "fool me, you can't get fooled again." Because you just did.

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I voted! For Kerry and against the D.C. Village Idiot! I've been waiting for this for four years. Now to sit back and see what happens...

keeping my fingers, toes, eyes, hair and everything else that's anatomically crossable crossed...either I'm going to be very happy tonight, or very angry.


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