Still more things you may or may not (want to) know about me

Version 2.0 July 2003

  1. I think "Six Feet Under" is the best television show on now
  2. But I always have a soft spot for Seinfeld.
  3. I will always choose to listen to music over watching TV (SFU or no) because tv playing in the background is just "noise" to me.
  4. I have the same five songs on almost every cd I make. I am working diligently to remedy that situation (waves to Patrick, keeper of new music)
  5. I either answer my email immediately or it languishes in my in-box forever and keeps me awake at night
  6. “Babylon" has officially won the "Lisa's most favorite song ever ever ever" contest beating the former winner who held the title for 11 years.
  7. That song was “I can’t make you love me” by Bonnie Raitt
  8. I procrastinate terribly.  Sometimes I only do something because I’ve backed myself into a corner and have no way out.
  9. I often wonder how I got to be such a bookworm considering that my father was blind most of my life and my mother wouldn’t pick up a book if her own life depended on it.
  10. I love getting manicures.
  11. Massages are good too (all kinds)
  12. I feel absolutely no affiliation with my college alma mater.
  13. In fact, college was one of the worst periods in my life. High school – much more fun.
  14. I often get told I’m intelligent. I think that’s because I mostly talk to dolts. (ha! Kidding, all my friends!)
  15. I have never been skinny dipping
  16. I’d like to do it once before I die.
  17. There are many things I want to do before I die – skydiving is NOT one of them.
  18. Neither is water-skiing. (I’m a scaredy cat)
  19. I don’t really like to cook (much to my husband’s chagrin).
  20. He does most of the cooking.
  21. I rather like it that way.
  22. I don’t like to drive long distances. Short ones are okay. Especially trips to Dunkin Donuts for coffee on Saturday night.
  23. I live a swingin’ life, can’t ya tell ?
  24. When I get into a new topic, I read all I can about it. Then often don’t look at those books again for a long time.  I have quite a library on some stuff.
  25. A book is the first place I will go for information.
  26. Well, that’s if the Internet is down. Otherwise, I am online doing my research.
  27. I think I live online.
  28. My husband would agree.
  29. I have met every guy I’ve dated since 1988 online.
  30. Some were ghastly. 
  31. Some not-so bad.
  32. Most were pretty okay.
  33. I like having a blog.
  34. Although I do have to be careful what I say.
  35. So I have a secret blog online that only one other person knows about (and she keeps that information in a “lockbox”)
  36. I am not a girly girl overly much.
  37. I don’t wear a lot of makeup (much to Twinnie’s chagrin)
  38. Twinnie is my best friend in the entire world.
  39. We met (guess where) online!
  40. We’ve also met in person.
  41. I told her she was easy to be with. She said that’s because you’re hanging around with yourself.
  42. Really – she and I are so alike it’s scary.
  43. I used to be glad I got married later in life. Now, I’m not so sure.
  44. It’s harder to compromise when you’ve had your own way most of your life.
  45. I also wish I had known I had fertility issues way before I found out.
  46. It might not have been too late to have my own baby.
  47. It is now.
  48. I wonder if that means I shouldn’t be a parent. Or if it means that some child out there really needs me to find them.
  49. The entire adoption process feels very overwhelming to me.
  50. It took me a while to even be able to bring myself to get a book about it. (I don’t think I was ready to admit I wasn’t having my own baby at that point)
  51. I will be this age in 8 years.
  52. I will not like admitting that.
  53. In fact, I think I will start going backwards on my birthdays now.
  54. So, based on that theory, this year I will be 41 and not 43.
  55. That works for me.
  56. I’m not sure I like being thought of as an “older woman” when I still feel about 25.
  57. I wonder at what age I will feel like I’m an adult.
  58. My ideal “happy place” is a room in my house in Richmond, surrounded by cats, books, computers, music and tea. (and Max de dog)
  59. I believe the saying “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”
  60. I am a very dedicated employee.
  61. That has not always been rewarded.
  62. Most especially at my current place of employ.
  63. But they don’t reward anyone.  People just end up leaving.
  64. My cat Murphy sleeps under the covers with me – snuggled up against my tummy when I’m on my side.
  65. It’s such a comforting feeling to me.
  66. Until Midjull comes over and steps on her because he can’t see her under there.
  67. Then it’s really not very comforting at all.
  68. Each cat I have represents a bit of my personality. Mommy is the nurturer, Murphy is the non-confrontative one, Lucie is extra loving and Midjull is my darker, doltish side.
  69. I am a “closet extrovert” (as my friend David describes himself)
  70. I have an awesome vocabulary.
  71. My cousin Mary would spend the night at my house (when we were kids, of course) &I would talk so much that she was forced to make up a game called "Let's see who can be quiet the longest"
  72. I never won.
  73. She would often visit and clean my room.
  74. I am very, very cluttery.
  75. It really doesn't bother me at all.
  76. Seems to bother others, though.
  77. I used to wish I had an older brother who would call me Peaches (Like the brother did on the show Family)
  78. Generally, though, I am most content with being an only child.
  79. I am very spiritual but not religous.
  80. I think this line from "Wish you were here" by Incubus is one of the loveliest images I've can imagine - "The ocean looks like a thousand diamonds strewn across a blue blanket"
  81. I can often hear a song and remember where I was when I first heard it.
  82. I've seen everyone I really wanted to see in concert at least once. (and some I didn't want to see too!)
  83. I am at my most "real" online.
  84. I have no hesitation in speaking my mind online and in written forums. I cannot do that as well in real life.
  85. I like being everyone's "safe place". I seem to do that naturally.
  86. I used to like getting in the middle of my friend's arguments and stuff and know all the details of both sides. I think I felt it gave me a sense of power.
  87. I stopped putting myself in the middle. It's a power that I don't want.
  88. I don't eavesdrop or read other people's stuff, not only because it's not "right" from a moral point of view, but I am worried that I will see something that will hurt my feelings. (I used to do this and learned that lesson the hard way)
  89. My mother thinks I was never destined to be married. She often goes into a litany of my failed relationships. I'm not quite sure why she thinks that or does that but it's really annoying. Last time she started listing, I stopped her right in her tracks and asked what the point of that was. She hasn't mentioned it since.
  90. My mother is a nice person and loves me with all her heart. But she always manages to say or do something that cuts me to the core and I think "Why did I let her in at all?" This is a lesson I cannot seem to learn for good.
  91. I want this certain Jaguar that I know I will never get. But it's the car I most lust after.
  92. There is a whole side of me that I show only to select people (probably everyone has something like that).
  93. I am drawn to children's sheets and towels and stuff and would prefer to buy them than "adult" ones. It just makes me happy to see colorful things that are sort of goofy.
  94. I still think I haven't quite found my true calling yet. I know what arena it's in (spiritual/healing) but not sure of the path at present.
  95. Sitting at Starbucks drinking a venti, no-foam, extra hot latte and reading is one of my solitary pleasures.
  96. I won't go into some of the others here.
  97. If I were to take any kind of illegal drug, I would try ecstasy. It just seems like it would be an interesting ride. I won't though. I would catch too much grief from everyone.
  98. I don't really like talking on the phone any more. 3 years on a help desk killed that for me.
  99. I will never work on another help desk again. EVER.
  100. This was harder than I thought. But I'm sure there's a version 3.0 in me somewhere.