Name Taken – The Safety of Routine

It\’s a boy! (Shh, I know he\’s upside down. He leaks the other way. :/) Congratulations to me! I still need to talk names with the father, but I like Jeremiah or Adam. Aww, I love my flour baby. I will be carrying that 5 lb sack (I mean child) around school for the entire 3rd quarter. Time to pump up those arms! I need to get this pregnancy weight off though. Oh, no wait, that\’s just from dinner tonight! We had a birthday dinner for Andrew at Red Robin and then we got Frosties at Wendy\’s. Okay I must stop eating out because 1) I don\’t need the calories, and 2) I don\’t have the money! ;) But I\’m babysitting tomorrow night so that\’s good. I think I\’ll go to sleep now. See ya!

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