2-day weeks are fantastic

Back in school BUT had a 2-hour delay. Very very nice. Supposedly getting more snow on Sunday night? I would love another 5-day weekend, thanks!

Oh we watched Jimmy Neutron in German, in German. (That would be in the German language during German class.) Hi-larious! German Jimmy (Chimmy, actually) sounds like a girl. We will really do anything to get out of working in that class. That\’s okay. It works well for us.

So even the woman I babysit for can\’t believe what a pathetic loser I am. She called last night and said sorry for the short notice, but could I babysit on Saturday night? And I\’m thinking, I seriously need money, so I say, \”Sure, yes!\” right away, and she\’s like… \”are you sure? This Saturday night? You don\’t need to check your schedule first or anything?\” Haha no! of course not. I don\’t think I\’ve ever had anything scheduled for Saturday night. Hmm kind of depressing. Should probably stop thinking about it. Anyway. Must print religion homework now. I like it when Thursday is sort of Monday.

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