Something like a recipe

I just watched Weird Science reruns! Oh I do love snow days. I haven\’t seen that show since like 4th grade. I also love snow days because I can watch the 12pm rerun of Conan. Yesterday I learned how lightbulbs work … from Ashton Kutcher. Yes, I was surprised too. Today I kept missing stuff though because of emergency broadcasting tests or something.. it was like a cruel joke; you could see the people talking but you couldn\’t hear them, and when their voices came back the audience was laughing and I thought it was all part of the show at first, but, well, no, and the broadcasting man voice was saying things like \”This is only a test. In a real emergency we will bring you actual information instead of toying with you like this. Ha ha ha!\” (Or something like that.) Sure, those things are important, but every-10-minutes important? Really? Hmm tiny balls of ice appear to be pelting my house now. Better go.

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