Surgergy # what now…?

Ooops, sure haven\’t kept you guys v. updated the past few days — sorry! Grr, still having trouble breathing, too. So frustrating. :( Well, I really AM going to try to keep this a short one (riiiiight) since I\’m drifting in and out of consciousness at the moment. Sigh.

  • So I had to have another procedure done with the chest tube, but I believe I\’ll call this one a surgery (#8 or something? yeesh) because it was in the OR and they gave me anesthesia which smelled like pine trees? Kinda sorta? (Ugh, really just need to type and get it over with because when I fall asleep I do odd things like delete half of a sentence. Huh. So please do ignore any crazy typos, \’k?)
  • During the surgery, the doctor just took the old tube out and put a new one in a better spot where it could drain some more (we hope, anyway).
  • Last night got randomly sick at 5am when my nurse came to give me meds. :( So bad! Didn\’t actually throw up the pill though, so that\’s … good? And thennn today I just felt sick the whole time, of course. Like the on-and-off nausea all day. Blah. Did have some lovely visitors, though: The Godmommy & Nunc! :) Yay!
  • Oh man I am following asleep so bad here. So this is the end, I guess! That\’s all the important stuff, I thiiink? Just told my nurse I am having trouble breathing more tonight so I think I\’m gonna get some flushin\’! All right so then see ya around. :)
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