Nothing new here, but…

Oh, apparently I know nothing. Though I said yesterday (well, now actually two days ago, technically) that I had no idea when I was getting out of here, the word \”discharge\” was bandied about quite a few times in the morning! (And just so we are all clear, since one of my suitemates was not ahem, Mary Anne ;), I also came BACK to Children\’s in the ambulance th\’other day, since I kinda mentioned I was back in the Princess Room — BUT, I was not explicit, and yeah, I can see how one might think I was staying at NIH for radiation, buuut: wrong! Sorry \’bout that!) Er, anyway: so it is possible I could be out around Monday? And please, do NOT take my word for this: it comes from the mouths of doctors. But, if I am out, looks like I will probably have my chest tube still in for a bit longer, and will DEFinitely still be on oxygen — and the latter for an indefinite period of time, probably till some of my lung tumors shrink, for better O2 saturation. OH: also possible will not do radiation now — pain is really feeling better in leg, so it\’s up to me. (Still thinking — not next week now, anyway.)

In that case, I\’m thinking I\’ll only go back to school for a day or two — and then, just to see all my beautiful suitemates and get assignments (thousands and thousands of assignments! *dies*) — seriously doubt will attend classes, especially with O2 tube … certainly not w/ chest one! Anyway, missed 17 days (incl weekends tho) already so highly doubt anyone would miss me a few more!

Well that\’s all you get for now b/c I am typing ONE-HANDED, UGH, since stupid pulse-ox taped to finger gives me so low O2 sat readings, and then so loud beeeeep, beeeeeps– not very nice, really. Oh, but to end with joyous news, had a bath today! Hurrahhh! Oh right, and besides being clean (not that that\’s not V. important, truly!), had a chest Xray that said my fluid sac was looking clearer yayyy! And of course, just ONE more happy-happy thing: much love to the very grown-up Michelle on her (technically yesterday)

and phewww. NO. more. typing.

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