Mmm, Air Supply! (??)

Oh oxygen, you feel so good! And people, I have missed you! Sorry I didn\’t update in the past couple days since I had my procedure, but I got caught up in email (and I still haven\’t even responded to a lot of my gmails, so don\’t be offended if I haven\’t written back yet! it\’s tough for me to type still for a variety of reasons… er, mostly the \”twitchy bitty paws\”, heh, which probably you should just ignore since that\’s going to fly over sooo many people\’s heads, and then of course the continuation of dozing off while sleeping which yes of course is going on right now!). So I decided, well, mayhap it might be a better idea to do the blog before the email. Wise indeed. ;)

So the procedure to put a \”pig-tail tube\” (i.e., a little teeny tubey) into my lungs went quite well! They drained 600cc worth of fluid during and 2L immediately afterwards, wheeee. :) And thus, I could breathe. And the townspeople sang for joy. Actually, not really townspeople, but my lovely suitemates made me a mini-CD! Seriously, they sang 3 songs for me on Valentine\’s Day (which I am so sorry to have missed! I am just always missing holidays while in the hospital, so it seems…) and they all have gorgeous voices and it\’s just wonderrrrful! :D But back to the procedure — unfortunately, I can\’t leave the hospital afterward from anywhere from 3 – 7 days. :P So it\’s been … only 2 days!? Wah. :/ (As for the grand total, it\’s been 12 days! A new record since my appendectomy stay of 9 … yeesh.)

Anyway, please know that I am feeling MUCH better since the day or 2 before my procedure! The morning, AND afternoon (psh), leading up to my ordeal on Thursday (was supposed to be in morning — of course didn\’t get to me till 2:30pm, hmph) and so that was a bit agonizing — just tried to sleep as much as possible in the meantime!

Also, it\’s good to be back on chemo FINALLY, surprisingly! I just like to know that I am doing something though. It\’s a good feeling, whoa. It\’s a weird protocol that I can\’t exactly explain right now since we don\’t have a copy yet, but I can say it consists of a couple short infusions, handfuls of pills, and a hideous liquid I have to mix in with a drink (yeeccch!). Get a 2-day break tomorrow, oooh. Hurrah. :D

Good thing I did do this before email because maaan it\’s getting long. Sorry to the people with bad eyes, which is just about everyone I know. :) So, so sorry! Well, in some fun news, Aunt Lisa got to spend the day with me today, goody! She brought the first 6 episodes of The Office (the British version!) and it was miiighty funny. (We even got through all 6.) Of course David Brent drives me crazy and even though he\’s pretty funny I completely deSPISE his character and ohh it is hard to watch. Love Martin Freeman though (esp from Hitchhiker\’s Guide) so I enjoy his character, Tim.

Finally, last bit of WONderful news: when mom returned to the hospital, she had received from ITALY a relic of Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati!! My family and friends have been praying to and for him recently because he needs 2 miracles to become a saint, and oh, how convenient, I just happen to need a miracle to be healed! Plus I happen to have a lot in common with him and then, you know, he\’s Itaaaalian! ;)

Oh, WHY does it take me an hour to write this?? I guess that\’s good enough for now. Email can wait till tomorrow. This will hold everyone over for at least a few days though, right? :)

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