Bad, bad lungs

Okay, this one actually WILL be short (ha! no, it won\’t be) because hey, speaking of short, I am short of breath because there are tumors in the fluid around my neck lungs (duh, lauren) or something like that and anyway it all results in my not being able to breathe. (Or type, apparently; it\’s really gotten hard! And … see above mistake for example!)

So, tomorrow: having a \”sort-of\” surgery, I think. I am so confused about all this. Probably eating something or sleeping might help but … a) no appetite, and b) everytime attempted a nap another vistor or doctor walked in. (Vistitors = YAY!, doctors = boo go away).

Really will have to explain rest of this later. Just know that I need to get this fluid removed from the right side of my lungs tomorrow in order to be able to breathe. And I don\’t need to ask, but prayers are always appreciated. :) OH, and on Valentine\’s Day (uh, Tuesday), I was in a room in (P)ICU without access to phone, and I know a lot of people tried to call and were worried, and well, that is why — so very sorry!! They did save my room for me though (called the Princess Room b/c of how it\’s painted, and yesss I did get pictures!). And I hated the PICU, for a horrible reason, which I\’ll have to get to later.

(Also, will have to get to Spa Day, the one actually fun part of this drearily long hospital stay…)

So in conclusion, they did fix my nausea and my pain (at least for the most part) but now unfortunately cannot breathe. Seriously guys, that\’s an important part of living, I must say! So good night … must finish up some meds before I go to bed for earlyish non-surgeryish thing tomorrow? Yeah, sorry for The Vague. Hope to see you all soon though! (Will give my loving godmommy login info if needed, of course, if I can\’t get on for whatever reason.) Ciao…!

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