Okay, going to make this a short one because I want to get to sleep, but please allow me to explain my recent absence!

I drove with my mom up to Children\’s for an appointment with my oncologist to get the results of my most recent CT scans, which were … not too bad but not so great. Everything has basically stayed the same size, although the lung lesions grew a bit more, but the cancer has spread again, this time to my liver (2 or a few little spots there now). I was hoping for at least ONE little bit of good news, and I got it, because my brain is still clean! Whewww. (Well, I\’m probably going to get a brain MRI soonish, actually, because it\’s more detailed than a CT scan. So I might not really be safe from that. But I\’ll keep on hoping!)

So after my appointment finished up, Dr. S decided it would probably be best to admit me and let their pain management team get my pain and nausea under control, and I agreed with this, because the nausea HAD TO GO. And it has! (I guess I was dehydrated and fixing that fixed the nausea.) On the downside, my doctors somehow managed to create excruciating pain in every single part of my body below my waist! Amazing! Basically I am referring to my legs, because when I woke up Wednesday morning, OWWWW. How did they do it? I did not have pain there before!! My right leg has improved but my left leg hates me. It\’s a nerve thing there and I just can\’t get it comfortable, and the meds for it take weeks to kick in. Horrid. Today the docs finally got me on some stuff that might help in the meantime, but it hasn\’t started yet.

Oh my gosh, this is not short AT ALL. Sorry. I\’m really bad at that. Okay, let\’s speed it up here:

– Was hoping to be out by this morning so I could be at the FORCE Benefit Concert I was sooo looking forward to.
– Had to miss it. Story of my life.
– Wanted to help make Hannah (suitemate) a birthday cake tomorrow. So much for that!
– On the plus side, they are having a Spa Day here tomorrow which sounds really rather excellent, and at least kind of makes up for the spa day I missed in my suite LAST time I was in the hospital…
– Oh, to explain the blog post: actually got a laptop to use here just yesterday (really two days ago since it\’s past midnight..)! unfortunately is dial-up, eeek, but better than nothing. also, had no clue what my blog password was until I realized I could just have a new one sent to me. Fantastic!

Okay, that\’s the end for now. I will keep you posted on when I get out IF EVER.


P.S. I am in the PRINCESS ROOM! I\’d take pictures except of course I was not thinking I\’d be stuck here for like a week and left everything at school, seriously I only have my Lit folder because that was the class I had right before we left (which btw I threw up right before AND right after, good for me), and wow this is the antithesis of short and actually has taken me about 20 minutes to write, so I am STOPPING RIGHT NOW. (the princess room really does rock though.)

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