Hard to type when falling asleepzzzzz…

Oh Friday! What joy. I\’m happy because I\’m going home soon and not coming back till Sunday afternoon. Too bad I have to spend part of my time at home going to Children\’s tomorrow and getting a ton of CT scans. :/ The regular chest and leg, plus the brain (aaah) as well as … arm (left arm hurts like it\’s bruised, but there aren\’t any there) and stomach, I think. After throwing up TWICE on Wednesday AND on Thursday, my mom did a little Veronica Mars-style sleuthing and found out my major pain med has side effects of nausea, vomiting, and dry mouth (a recently-noticed symptom), we have decided that\’s the key to what\’s making me nauseous! Seems very likely, especially since upping the dose over the past TWO days … hmm? Making a connection? ;) Okay then.

I think I\’ve caught most of the typos I\’ve made so far, but apologize very much for any I missed, because lately I have been kind of falling asleep every 2 seconds while reading or writing and I guess blogging too. Soooo drowsy. :( Aunt Lisa and my mom have been working with this nutrition guy this week to get me lots of weird-sounding stuff that should boost my immune system. That would be swell! So I should be starting that this weekend and please let it work.

Can\’t focus anymore on this so think I will lie down a bit. Filled in most of the important parts of the past few days (except sadly I had to miss a few classes this week, boo — I was doing so well before!!), and also I still have to share my great new game with you: \”How Many Public Restrooms Can Lauren Throw Up In Around Grounds?\” This was started on Wednesday, when I threw up directly after Italian AND Nutrition! Bonus points if you skip the restroom part and just throw up in a public area, but I haven\’t stooped that low yet, whew.

Okay, NOW it\’s time to rest. Yaaawn. Happy weekend!

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