Better yet? Nope!

Haaate the nausea so. Went into the clinic for some fluids today and the doctor was there and after observing me doing what I do best (i.e. throwing up, of course) she thinks there might be a problem with my gallbladder. You should ALL believe me well when I say I honestly would not be surprised at this point. Yeesh. I\’m going back tomorrow for some IV anti-nausea meds, thank goodness (and perhaps a GB ultrasound). I hope the meds hold me for a while. I would so love a nausea-free week! My doctor also told me, before I went home, to have some fun tonight! \”Fun?\” What is this fun? Does not compute. Okay fine, it\’s not like I\’m swamped with homework, just that I don\’t really feel well enough to have fun. Wah. I know, I know, could I possibly complain anymore? (Yes, I can, in fact: my lungs hurt now too! Awesome.) She did mention this very cool-sounding Italian place downtown called \”Milano\’s\” (I think) that serves excellent espresso, coffee, and GELATO! and also plays Italian movies upstairs. Sounds molto divertente to me! Maybe not today, but I will definitely make it there eventually! So on the brighter side (there is always a brighter side!), I got a 96 on my Italian test (whewww) and I had a nutrition test today that I think I did pretty well on (hope so because if we get A\’s on all 7, we\’re exempt from the final!), only there was one horrible math problem that I spent about 10 minutes on (keeping in mind of course that I haven\’t taken math in … a year and half now? yeahhh). But my mom looked at it and thinks I might actually have gotten it right. That would be spectacular. But I think I got most of the rest correct, at least. Cross those fingers! ;)

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