Falling apart again

Oh, honestly. I have had my pain under control for WEEKS, and yesterday I had a follow-up appointment with pain management where I informed my doctors that I thought I had everything under control for now with my meds. And so it just figures that today my back would start hurting again. What is this??

Okay, kept forgetting to post about this, but Thursday was such a non-fun day. Felt sick, threw up before Italian, okay fine … better that than in class. Except I\’ve got Slavic soon after Italian and was feeling sick AGAIN, so I was eating some goldfish to try to keep my stomach under control because … I don\’t know, I hadn\’t eaten in a while. Also I was exhausted and soon gave up on trying to stay awake and focus on the lecture. But 5 minutes till the end of class, knew I couldn\’t make it, and had to run out to find a bathroom, which … did not go well. (If only I had turned left instead of right!) So first I finally find a unisex bathroom — pull open the door handle in relief, only to see some guy sitting on the toilet shouting WHOA, so I said sorrysorrysorry! and ran away, and the next thing I found was a men\’s bathroom and by this point that was good enough for me, and luckily no boys were in there, but EW, their toilets are so nasty, so first I flushed (priorities, ladies) and then proceeded to throw up. Whew. And of course class was over by this point so I had to find Katherine, who had my stuff and was waiting near the girls\’ bathroom, which was of course was just to the left of the classroom … sigh. So then I took a nice long nap at my mom\’s place and that helped quite a lot. Yay naps. They fix all.

Friday went better but today I\’m feeling not so good again. But Aunt Lisa is on her way to spend the weekend with me! So Self, you must get better. I don\’t want to see this yummy fruit that I\’m eating right now a second time.

So far this morning I\’ve taken about every pill possible except for Tylenol, so I guess that\’s up next (kind of have headache which also = nausea). Hate you, stomach. And head, too. Sorry.

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