Sick of nausea

Sadly, I fell out of love with Wegmans today. I went there at 1:30 to meet Maureen for lunch and it took me TWENTY MINUTES TO PARK. Okay, I was stupid and accidentally missed two good opportunities, but obviously I would have been much more uh, vigilant? if I had known there were actually NO empty spots whatsoever. Who are all these people grocery shopping at 1:30 on a Friday afternoon?? Geez, get a life. (Well, according to Ami\’s \”Zone Guide,\” it\’s the moms and senior citizens, and I certainly did see a lot of the latter. Sorry, though. I\’m just a little bitter because it made me have a slight mental breakdown while circling the parking lot 7 zillion times.) Anyway. Had fun with Moe of course and ate a little bit from the Chinese buffet thing (and Moe got me a Dayton shirt! yay!) but then when we departed and I got into my car, I was hit by The Nausea and threw it all up. UGH, already. I am sick of this. Good thing I am a resourceful girl and thought to use the lid to my leftover lunch plate, otherwise … ew. (Well, still ew. But definitely better than my other options.) Yeah so that was rather unpleasant. :/ I\’m trying ginger root pills now though which are supposed to help, so hopefully they will do their job. Also decided to skip on Natalie\’s party tonight, unfortunately … just too tired and blah-feeling. Absolutely must feel better by tomorrow because I\’ve got a Caps game to go to AND three New Year\’s Eve parties! Yikes! Come on Body, just one good day, that\’s all I ask… :)

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