Affliction of the Week

Had some fun today at Elise\’s house catching up on the last 3 episodes of Veronica Mars, yay! They were all stellar, of course. And I didn\’t even get lost finding Elise\’s house. Always quite the feat for me. Unfortunately, I did manage to throw up right before leaving my house. Ugh. And, though my leg felt a bit better yesterday, it was reeeally painful today. Why? Well, you see, my body spun the Wheel of Pain (patent pending) and the winner of the moment is my left leg! I mean, now that the radiation has alleviated my lower back pain, it\’s only fair that another body part should get a turn! And so? My leg hurts. I kind of think it might be from one of my other tumors, although I don\’t know exactly where they all are. But the pain is stemming from sort of my inner thigh or that general area … and I guess I\’ve got a tumor on my pubic bone or something, so maybe that\’s it (that might be a little TMI, but I\’m pretty sure I crossed that line when I started sharing my daily barf count, people, sorry). Sooo yeah. Pain. Not too fun. Hmm, but moving onto happier things. Hmm? Hmmmmm. Well, Natalie rescheduled her gingerbread house-making party to tomorrow, so yay! That will be fun, and hopefully I won\’t have to move around a whole lot! I was supposed to have chemo tomorrow but I played the sympathy card with all my weekend plans and got it moved to Tuesday. (Let\’s hope that\’s not a bad thing…) But otherwise, I wouldn\’t feel well for any New Year\’s Eve parties or for the Caps game on Saturday! And we can\’t have that, right?

Wow, I\’ve barely been up 12 hours and I am exhausted. That\’s … sad. But oh well. Time for bed! I love sleep!

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