Presents for me!

After radiation today, Aunt Lisa came over to take me shopping! I wanted to go to the outlets in Leesburg, since Dani mentioned at Thanksgiving that there is a WILLIAMS-SONOMA OUTLET there! So we went, and it was beautiful. I got a set of 3 cute mixing bowls — $12! They had lots of other good stuff but I restrained myself. Tons of other good outlets there too, can\’t believe I never knew about this place. I got a few other nice things, all for … well, me. Hey, it was all very cheap. And I did get a scarf for Aunt Lisa as well, so you see, I am not completely self-centered. I finally found a nice winter coat, which is my Christmas present from my grandma (thank you Grandma!), at the Gap outlet, plus a pretty $10 (!!) sweater. Very exciting. Although perhaps the excitement was just too much for me, \’cause I got sick when we got home. :/ Blah. I\’ve been having random nausea the past few days, and I talked to the doctor at radiation today but she said I shouldn\’t really be having nausea since they\’re only radiating (is that the right word?) the lower part of my stomach. So hm. Also, I started taking many odd pills today, in the hopes they will boost my immune system, but I\’m not a fan so far, mostly because I have to take TWENTY-FOUR A DAY (of 4 different pills) and also one of them smells like fish. :( So. We\’ll just see about that. If they work, I will certainly stop my complaining! Anyway, so hopefully tomorrow I\’ll actually go out and buy presents for other people. That would probably be a good thing. Two more days till Christmas! :) (But I haven\’t watched The Muppet Christmas Carol yet! Oh no!)

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3 Responses to Presents for me!

  1. Godmommy says:

    Yeah, yeah yeah …. fingers crossed that taking 24 pills a day will help even in some small way (but toesies crossed too for help in a BIG way!) And so what you bought yourself some stuff? You deserve it! So Wheeee! I had fun goofin with you and then standing next to you rubbing your back. I’m your Godmommy for all occasions! Presents in TWO days!

    11 million kisses on your haid and in the immortal words of DS: Be more strong, you!

  2. Ami says:

    Take heart, maybe 24 pills a day will lead on to a Guiness World Record or something!! If you go back to the Leesburg Outlets, swing over to the shopping center next door to visit Stein Mart – fabulous clothes at great prices -lots of trendy pieces which are fun because the prices are low! It’s like a Loehman’s if you ever been to one.

  3. Dani says:

    Glad you liked the outlets! I go there to buy myself stuff all the time. That Williams Sonoma outlet can be a very dangerous place.

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