Presents for me!

After radiation today, Aunt Lisa came over to take me shopping! I wanted to go to the outlets in Leesburg, since Dani mentioned at Thanksgiving that there is a WILLIAMS-SONOMA OUTLET there! So we went, and it was beautiful. I got a set of 3 cute mixing bowls — $12! They had lots of other good stuff but I restrained myself. Tons of other good outlets there too, can\’t believe I never knew about this place. I got a few other nice things, all for … well, me. Hey, it was all very cheap. And I did get a scarf for Aunt Lisa as well, so you see, I am not completely self-centered. I finally found a nice winter coat, which is my Christmas present from my grandma (thank you Grandma!), at the Gap outlet, plus a pretty $10 (!!) sweater. Very exciting. Although perhaps the excitement was just too much for me, \’cause I got sick when we got home. :/ Blah. I\’ve been having random nausea the past few days, and I talked to the doctor at radiation today but she said I shouldn\’t really be having nausea since they\’re only radiating (is that the right word?) the lower part of my stomach. So hm. Also, I started taking many odd pills today, in the hopes they will boost my immune system, but I\’m not a fan so far, mostly because I have to take TWENTY-FOUR A DAY (of 4 different pills) and also one of them smells like fish. :( So. We\’ll just see about that. If they work, I will certainly stop my complaining! Anyway, so hopefully tomorrow I\’ll actually go out and buy presents for other people. That would probably be a good thing. Two more days till Christmas! :) (But I haven\’t watched The Muppet Christmas Carol yet! Oh no!)

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