Fort girls!

Well, clearly I have been enjoying being at home and doing nothing(!) too much to blog, but for now I will at least share this lovely picture (taken by Liz):


Yay! My suite girls, in our fantastic fort. From top, going clockwise: Ana, me, Katherine, Mary Anne, Elise, and Kristen (my roommate!). (That\’s not everyone … Liz was taking the picture, plus 3 people were missing.) We have fun being weird.

I did attempt to do some shopping today, which was a bad, bad idea. I am now about 1% of the way there, though! So … that\’s something!

Cookie-baking fun at the godmommy\’s tomorrow, with her fancy new kitchen and furniture and the pudding chair, which I just cannot wait to sit in! Exciting! I love Christmas break!

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