Hi, I\’m lazy, like that\’s news to anyone

Had chemo today, actually (not Tuesday, so yeah, I lied), and it went pretty well, except for the part where I passed out and slept through it all, but hey, nothing wrong with that. The Lighting of the Lawn was tonight and I forgot my camera (I KNOW!) but it was actually kind of a letdown anyway. There were a cappella groups, which were good as usual, and we managed to snag some snacks, but the actual lighting was not quite what it was built up to be. Oh well. (Plus, it was freeeezing.) Still fun though! I\’m still working on France pictures, yeah, yeah … in the meantime, amuse thyself with these. Oh man. Jellyfish dancing. Right up there with pistacchio spitting in top suite moments. ;) Anyway, definitely time for some sleep now I am thinking. Appointment tomorrow at NIH for a radiation consult, because I\’m probably going to have to start getting radiation to shrink some of my tumors. :P I can feel the one on my back and the one on my tailbone, blah. Non mi piace. Speaking of which, time for some Percocet. ;) And I\’ve got an appointment with pain management on Monday so that\’s definitely a good thing! Hope you all have a good weekend and buona fortuna a the lovely Maureen on her orieachtas!

P.S. Remind me to regale you with the Tale of My Italian Oral Exam. Ohhh man.

P.P.S. Miss Doxie has an excellent list of inexpensive Christmas gifts you should definitely take a look at! (Also, hey, how cute is this, HINT HINT. ;) And speaking of which, how did I end up being the Secret Santa for the one girl in my suite for whom I have NO IDEA what to buy? Also? She\’s from China and this is her first Christmas ever, so um, hello pressure. Help!!

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