Oh, hello! I\’m still alive, if you can believe it. Just tired (and lazy). Today I had my scans repeated and the news is not good, as usual. I am basically a walking tumor at this point. :/ It\’s in my lungs now and everything … just not good. Starting new chemo but I don\’t really know all the details yet. Probably starting tomorrow though. Oh well, right? so it goes.

Ooh, pomegranates are weird, but tasty. And the seeds are like little jewels! Mmm.

Anyway. Back at school now! I came back for CultureFest in my suite tonight; that was fun. We decorated gingerbread men (mine only had eyes, mittens, and boots, because mostly I just wanted to eat him) and Hannah took lots of odd pictures of herself with her Gingerbread Santa. Now I\’m going to panic about my Italian oral exam, which is tomorrow morning and which I am entirely NOT ready for, seeing as how I spent the last week in France, not Italy (seriously, now that would have been helpful!). Speaking of France, pictures coming soon, just need to edit and upload.

Okay, panic time. See ya!

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