Baguettes and berets

Bonjour! Last day in France. It\’s been a pretty good trip, minus the one sick day I had and the food being just horribly disappointing at first (though we\’ve had some good meals these last couple of days). Pastries and baguettes though, mmm, yes: the French sure know what they\’re doing there. Otherwise, it seems France is big on omelettes. But last night we had fondue! Although I didn\’t love it as much as I thought I would … I mean, a giant pot of melted cheese with bread and potatoes to dip? Yes please, I thought! But the cheese was a little too winey and on reconsideration, JUST cheese for dinner is not the best meal idea maybe. I almost tried duck tonight but then I got chicken instead. Oh well. Awesome sorbet (a \”harmony of sorbets,\” in fact) for dessert … oh, well, don\’t worry, you\’ll see pictures soon. ;)

Okay! Enough about food. We left for Lourdes early the morning of Day 2, and we spent most of the day at the Grotto, and I went to confession and then I took my bath! I was getting kind of nervous about that, and my mom and godmommy were with me for moral support and I said, hey, you know, you don\’t have to be sick to get bathed, and that\’s just how easy it was to drag them into having to undress COMPLETELY and wade in the extremely, EXTREMELY COLD Lourdes water with me. See, now that\’s how you know who loves you! So yes, you do in fact have to be very naked for this bath, and we read in the information that the water is kept at 12 degrees C, and we think, oh, they must maintain a certain temperature so it\’s not too cold. Well, my mom went first, and we heard her yelp behind the curtain, so that\’s when Aunt Lisa and I started to panic a little. I went next, and there are 3 ladies that help you (and they were reeeeally nice), and one takes your robe-thing off and wraps you up in this freeeezing wet cloth \”for your modesty\” and then I stepped down into the bath and my legs, my poor legs went numb, and I had to wade to the end of the bath to kiss a figure of the Virgin Mary, and then the ladies asked me to sit down in the water if I could, so I made an attempt, but mostly I was concentrating on the fact that I couldn\’t feel my legs and plus I may have been whimpering, so they didn\’t make me do it, and instead I took a sip of the water (from a pitcher — not from the bath, okay??) and hurried back out and the first lady gave me a hug and made sure I was okay, aw. Then the robe goes back on and you go back into the waiting/changing area and put back your clothes back on, EXCEPT no towels to dry yourself, so you are trying to pull your jeans up over your weg legs and it\’s just not pleasant. But overall, a good experience (also, the ladies kept asking, \”first time?,\” like how many times do people do this in their life?), and I\’m glad I had the opportunity to go.

In other news, I\’m so done with this pain patch. I started wearing it about a week ago and it was working really well to keep my back pain under control, but I had to change it every 3 days and every time I put a new one on, that night I would have insomnia and the next day I was nauseous and headache-y and blah. So this last time I changed it in the morning instead, as my doctor had suggested, so maybe it wouldn\’t give me insomnia, but nooope. And then that next day (our second day in Lourdes) I was sick all day and couldn\’t go out and ugh. No. I am done with this patch. It\’s not even working that well on my pain anymore, so it needs to go away.

Then we were back in Paris the past couple days, where we finally had the good eats (I also had a nutella/whipped cream crepe today, mm), and today we went on a bus tour and saw the Eiffel Tower and all that. Tomorrow we\’re leaving in the morning and I\’ll be home tomorrow afternoon (where I will be forced to face my masses of homework, but let\’s not think about that just yet). Happy Thanksgiving!

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