Où sont les mecs?

Okay! Should really probably finish packing right about now. So we are definitely, definitely going to France, and I have several more white cells than I did yesterday so that\’s good! Yesterday I got all tanked up on blood and the nurses gave my mom all this stuff for the plane so that if I get a fever on the flight, I can get hooked up to IV antibiotics. As fun a scenario as that sounds, let\’s hope I stay healthy(ish), okay? So we\’re going to Paris and to Lourdes, and I\’m praying for some healing! But whatever happens, it\’ll just be amazing to actually be there, and hooray for traveling in general, I love it! So in conclusion, I really hope I don\’t get sick on the airplane, and guess what, I\’ll take a million pictures, and I\’ll be back Friday for a belated Thanksgiving. Have a lovely holiday, everyone!

By the way, if you are always up for a free book as I am, Scott Adams has one, and so far it\’s pretty interesting.

Au revoir!

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