Step 1: Learn to bilocate

So I have a schedule for next semester! Unfortunately, it\’s terrible. Currently, it\’s looking like I\’ll have to figure out how to be in about 3 places at once several times a week. The actual classes seem okay though, as long as I can move some things around.

  • MTWRF: Italian 102, 12-12:50 (REALLY need to get into the 11-11:50 class, would solve all problems, but could only get on the waitlist)
  • MWF: Biology, Principles of Nutrition, 1-1:50 (please note it is physically impossible to get from the Italian building to the Bio building in 10 minutes)
  • TR: Intro to Literary Studies, 8-9:15. Ohh no. It was the only Lit one I could get, AND the only timeslot that wasn\’t full. Ugh.
  • TR: Slavic Ritual and Family Life, 12:30-1:20. Yes, kind of random! But Katherine is taking it too and it fulfills a non-Western perspective and hey, I am Slavic after all, gotta learn about my people. (But also please note it\’s totally during Italian, ugh.)

Plus there is a discussion section for the Slavic class. So all in all, not too bad, little bit easier than this semester I hope. I just need to get a different Italian section, and also I\’d kind of like to get into a different Lit class so I\’ll have to keep checking and see if any of them open up.

No classes for me tomorrow — gotta get tanked up on some blood so I\’ll be all set for La Francia next week! I happen to have no white cells at the moment but oh well, I\’ll just wear a mask on the airplane and we\’ll be good to go. Also I probably won\’t get to see the new Harry Potter for a while so be nice and don\’t ruin anything for me! (Not like I don\’t know what happens, but still.) Ooh, Kristen (my roommate) and I got dinner at the downtown mall tonight at this dumplings place, and I have never had real dumplings (like potstickers) before and ohh they are amazing! Except I am still completely chopstick-impaired, seriously, how do those things work??

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