Keyword: sleepy

Hellllp I feel so useless. I spent most of yesterday sleeping, so I didn\’t get any studying done for my psych make-up midterm until the evening and then it took me till midnight just to finish studying and making my memory sheet. Then the Insomnia Monster attacked last night so I got maybe an hour of sleep total, so I skipped Italian this morning to sleep some more and when I got up I was all light-headed and exhausted so I figured I was either low on fluids or on blood and eventually my mom and I got myself up and ready to go to the clinic. So I got some hydration, slept some more, feel slightly better at least. Didn\’t go to any classes though and I STILL haven\’t done my psych midterm, so I\’m going to do that RIGHT NOW and then I plan on going back to being sleepy and useless, okay? It\’s too bad I have so much stuff to catch up on before Friday (3 more exams after psych, aah), otherwise this week would be fantastic and easy and lovely. Oh well. Test time!

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