Another weekend gone

Hooray, done with round 2 of chemo. Had to come home for the weekend to finish it up because the outpatient center at UVA is closed and otherwise I\’d have had to be admitted into the hospital there, ugh. No thanks. So I\’m home, and exhausted, and I seriously need to study for psych so I can make up this midterm sometime before tomorrow afternoon but I sooo tired. I think this time it\’s the chemo fatigue plus I have a pain patch on that\’s actually working pretty well in controlling all my lower-back trouble areas but it\’s really kinda knocking me out at the same time. So I\’m sort of leaning towards staying home and resting a little more tonight and then just going back to school early tomorrow before Italian at 9am, but we\’ll see what my mom thinks when she gets home. Here\’s some exciting news, a Trader Joe\’s just opened up near my house! I\’ve never been so my dad and I went today to check it out. It was a lot smaller than I thought it would be but they had some good stuff including REAL-deal gelato, aah. Very exciting, can\’t wait to try that tonight! Also attempted to do some shopping but like I said, Lauren = exhausted and sick-ish, and also, I hate the mall, so it was not too successful. I did get a green sweater at the Gap though, so not a total loss. Now must decide between lying down and studying psychology … hmmm I wonder which will win?

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