Uno   This morning in Italian we did a pairing-up exercise where we had to ask our partner basic questions like age, hometown, what lessons they had that day, etc. I paired up with the other Lauren in that class and it\’s a little scary because as it turns out we are the same person. Same name, same age (wouldn\’t be so weird except that I am a year older than most), same town (and not only that, but same community or whatever you\’d call it … Little Rocky Run). And she went to PVI (rival HS)! So that was a little weird. But THEN tonight, I went to the Catholic Student Ministry\’s first spaghetti dinner and she walks in and goes, \”We ARE the same person!\” And she was wearing a Fall Out Boy tshirt so we were talking about music and we like all the same bands too and we both think this guy in our Italian class is cute, hehe. Edit: OH and I forgot, she went to the same governor\’s school as I did too IS THAT SCARY OR WHAT? So crazy! Her best friend was also there and her name was Lauren TOO. So we all sat together and made a Lauren Corner. Much fun! CSM seems like it\’s going to be so much fun, too; everyone seems really nice.

Due   I went on a library tour this morning (you can laugh, but I\’ll have you know I got a free insulated mug) since I hadn\’t even been in any of the libraries yet, and actually I almost missed it completely because I got there 5 minutes early and the girl at the info desk told me she didn\’t know anything about tours and didn\’t think there was one. Pssh. Then I caught the group 10 minutes into the tour (\’cause I hung out to check out the computer lab, natch) and was like, Umm so can I join? There were only 3 other people anyway. But okay, getting to my point. I went to psych and the girl from the library group sat down next to me and I was like hiii I\’m fairly sure I recognize you maybe? and she seems really nice AND she was at the spaghetti dinner too. So some weird connections today, but I like it. Yay for new friends!

Also I just wanted to say that I looove my psych class. It\’s so much fun. Gotta start my dream journal tomorrow so let\’s hope I can remember some!

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