Eww, history

From my history book:

A survivor wrote,

So lamentable was our scarcity, that we were constrained to eat dogs, cats, rats, snakes, toadstools, horsehides, and what not; one man out of the misery endured, killing his wife powdered her up [with flour] to eat her, for which he was burned.

SO GROSS! And I thought this chapter was boring … those Virginia settlers sure do know how to liven up a textbook.

I did laundry today and it is so nice to have clean clothes! I also had my first FORCE meeting (mmm, free pizza) and I think it will be good … I hope. I already paid dues, and we\’re going to get tshirts! I LOVE TSHIRTS.

Last night my suite ordered Chinese food, and it was the worst Chinese food ever. Fried rice should NOT BE YELLOW. The sesame chicken was good though, at least.

A triumphant moment this morning when I did my test run from New Cabell to Wilson: I got there in UNDER 4 MINUTES. I felt so smart, finding the right stairs. It was an exciting moment. Of course I immediately forgot the route I took, but I figure I have the rest of the week to perfect it.

I also had my first computer science class in my new section, but there was a guest professor since the regular one was out of town or something. The prof. we had was one of the authors of the textbook, but too bad he was so incredibly boring. Possibly time actually stopped during that class. Also, I sat next to some guy that I know I know from somewhere, but I could not tell you where if my life depended on it. This is happening to me ALL THE TIME. I recognize people but have no idea who they are. Sometimes I know it\’s from governor\’s school, or high school, but most of the time it just hurts my brain to try and place them. Gah.

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