Whoo! Just finished my Java lab. It was incredibly easy. As much as I worship my Mac, I so wish I could download the JCreator program to it. Good thing I have VirtualPC to run Windows XP on my PowerBook, but it\’s such a pain. As long as it doesn\’t run too slowly it\’s fine though.

Okay, enough computer mumbo-jumbo. Yesterday I had history (American History to 1865) and Intro to Psychology. History: Professor looked like he\’d be old and cranky, but was actually very interesting! That was the first class that we really started doing something in, too. Already have 4 pages of notes! Psych: was excellenttt. Really cool professor, really HUGE class (350), very interesting stuff. I think we\’re learning about the brain first, but after that, in a couple of weeks, we\’re doing dream analysis and Freudian studies. Neat.

This morning was too crazy. I have three classes, and I\’m done by 1, which is nice since it\’s Friday. Buuut. Between my first two, I only have a 10-minute break. Thought this would be just fine, since the buildings are RIGHT NEXT TO EACH OTHER. Wouldn\’t you think so? Yes. Well here\’s the thing. My Italian class is in the basement of New Cabell, and my history discussion is on Floor 1 of Wilson. The ground level floor is the fourth floor. So I go down 5 flights of steps to get to Italian, then back up, then across the Lawn, then down 4 more flights of steps. Also? The staircases are conspiring against me, and I cannot find one that goes to every floor! In New Cab I go down to the first floor, and then the staircase ENDS, and then I must find another staircase so that I can continue on to the basement. Then in Wilson, I go down one floor, and must find another staircase to get to the 1st floor. ALSO? I came out right by 140, my classroom, where a very nice girl informed me that the hall is like a circle and the actual entrance to 140 was on the other side. Geez. So I finally made it, in about 11 or 12 minutes. Really good TA teaching it, and it\’s a tiny little group for discussion, so it was good, except the TA made it very clear that we cannot be tardy. In fact, the exact words on the syllabus are: \”If the door is closed when you arrive, class has begun. Don\’t bother entering; you will receive no credit for that day.\” Swell! I\’m thinking there must be a way I can get across each building without going up and down the stairs though … there MUST be … so my weekend plans are to map out and time different ways from New Cabell B031 to Wilson 140. Ah, the exciting life of a college student. ;)

Other things about today: astronomy less interesting + bad seat in the back + 6 hours of sleep = no attention span and much sleeping. Oops! Also got a package from my fairy godmother with yummy taffy and a frightening gnomey … thing. Anyway off to a BBQ in the Ampitheatre, byeeee.

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