Last day before classes!

Today I saw lots of people I know, and that\’s always fun! Katelyn and I finally met up, and we had breakfast together and then went over to the student activities fair. I found a few good things to join … Catholic Student Ministry, FORCE (Fighting, Overcoming, and Responding to Cancer Everywhere — I am excited about this one!), Photo Club (which I hope is okay for people like me who don\’t know what they\’re doing!), and … what else? I don\’t remember. Something. But guys, I am LOVING all the free stuff. College is the best. ;) Tonight I went out with a group of girls from my suite to check out the Corner (sort of a small shopping/restaurant strip). Most of it was closed but we stopped at Starbucks on the way back and hung out a while. (BTW, the shaken iced tea lemonade with raspberry syrup … not such a good choice. I don\’t think I\’m ordering that right. Maybe it\’s not supposed to be made with black tea and/or lemonade.) So first day of classes tomorrow! I have Italian, Astronomy, and Computer Science. Hope they go well. :/ I read the syllabus for Italian and it sounds like it\’s going to be hard, but that\’s probably a good thing, because I want to really really know it. It should be fun too though, like we have to attend a couple cultural fests during the semester (well, and write about them). And then tomorrow there\’s a first-year food fest in the evening. Yeah free food! Anyway, to sum up … I am a big fan of college. :)

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