Bad leg!

Arrrgh something is wrong with my leg. I walked out of work today and out of nowhere got this sharp pain in my knee, I think where the pin is, owww, and I have no idea why because I did NOTHING. I had to hop to my car and then when I got home we called my doctor but he just said to take some Advil (my doctors keep telling me to take Advil, even though I tell them every single time I see them that I am allergic, geez) so I took some Aleve, which does not give me hives but which also does nothing else, and now it seems like it feels okay but then I take a couple of normal steps and yowch, there goes the pain again. This is not cool. I\’ve got a tummy ache too. Poor me! I hope my leg feels better by tomorrow though … I\’m supposed to do some school shopping with Moe, and I haven\’t seen her in foreeeever! (A month, at least!) Plus I seriously need to get some shopping done. Blah. Going to bed now. I sure hope I am all fixed by tomorrow.

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