Downer Day

I\’M SO TIRED. Just got back from seeing War of the Worlds with dad and sister. Ooh it was excellent. Really terrifying though. Had added bonus of very cute boy. Hurray. :) (Ending confused me though. Never would have understood if Dad hadn\’t explained it, but really quite amusing.)

Feeling a bit depressed today for some reason. Think it\’s because work is so long and tiring and by the time I get home there\’s no time to do anything, plus all I want to do is lie down, and I\’m never going to have any time to see my friends EVER. And I\’m sad because I didn\’t get to see my friends all year and now they\’re here and I\’m better BUT I\’m too busy to do anything fun. See? Depressing. I think I\’m going to see if I can stop working a couple weeks before I leave for school so I will have time to do more exciting things. Like … sleeping.

Also am going to be tested at work either tomorrow or Friday. SUPER. Anyway, think will just lie down now.

P.S. The trailer for Elizabethtown looked pretty good, and aha, I knew it — that was Paula Deen I saw!

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2 Responses to Downer Day

  1. Welcome to the world of adulthood, my sweet. Fun, ain’t it? I do believe you will need to quit your job pronto and come sit with me by the pool, reading and sunning and playing with da Emma-nator! :)

  2. Lauren says:

    Oh PLEASE, can I? Will you quit my job for me? I already had to do that once this summer, heehee. (Maybe Dani will quit for me! ;)

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