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Today I saw Batman Begins and it was excellent! Ah, Christian Bale. He made me get \”Carrying the Banner\” stuck in my head throughout most of the movie. Anyway, it was really good, though my brother pointed out a major fault with the villian\’s evil scheme, but ah well. I\’m not even that big a fan of Batman, since he is not a real superhero, but rather a rich guy with a fancy belt. But it was good. Go see it!

On the plane rides to and from London, I saw Hitch and Robots. Hitch was fairly good, though I missed a couple parts. I really liked Robots, though. I read a review of it a while ago that said the visuals were excellent but the plot was not so great, but I thought both were really good. Good story … kinda sentimental … yeah, so I got teary. I will confess, I cry everytime I see Finding Nemo too. So what! It\’s touching, okay??

I also read two books: The Simpsons and Philosophy (which I\’ve had since Christmas!) and Timequake. TSaP was really good, though some essays were a little too philosophical, not enough Simpsons stuff. Others were hilarious though. Love the quotes! And Timequake was awesome. It\’s the 3rd book I\’ve read by Vonnegut (and loved), and he\’s definitely one of my favorite authors. I finished that book in less time than the actual flight took … so that\’s less than 7 hours. Such a good book!

Okay, I\’m done critiquing now. It\’s definitely sleep time! Hopefully won\’t have too much jetlag going on. Work tomorrow, and my LAST day of PT. So sad!

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