They say \”eh\” instead of \”what\” or \”duh\” —

— that\’s the mighty power of Canada! Had a very fun weekend with Vanessa and her family and her Spanish church group! We went to Niagara Falls (they go every year, and I went a couple years ago too) and did lots of touristy stuff, good fun. Anyway more about that later BUT now I must sleep, because we are leaving for LONDON tomorrow! So exciting! Three cheers (okay, more like 30!) for the lovely people at Make-A-Wish who are taking care of everything for us. They\’re even sending a limo to pick us up tomorrow!! How fantastic is that? It\’s like embarrassingly generous. Awesome. Unfortunately I\’ve still got some packing to do but I\’m too tired now so I\’ll take care of it in zee morning (we\’re not leaving till 11:40 to go to the airport).

Probably will find an internet cafe while there but if not I\’ll be back the 30th! Also remind me to share my Bladder Saga from Friday with you. Oh my. And also I\’ll have Canada and London pictures when back. Okay sleep time now! Au revoir!

P.S. Wish me luck getting my leg through the metal detector. ;)

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