Is it Friday yet?

Terrible news today! I went to see my doctor and he says my leg is doing really great. (Okay, well, that\’s not the terrible part.) But so I can\’t go to physical therapy anymore. :( I\’m so sad about this! He doesn\’t think I need it anymore and also thinks that too much of it is what\’s making my leg hurt lately. So I\’m supposed to not exercise it for a couple weeks and see if the pain goes away. I\’m going to be gone the next two weeks of course so I wouldn\’t be going to therapy anyway, but I did go today even though I wasn\’t supposed to. Bessie said she kind of expected he would say that. :/ But I\’m also going to go July 1 for my last day and it\’s Erin\’s last day there as well so I guess I can say bye to everyone then. I\’ve been going to PT since the end of October; I\’m going to miss it so much!

Other than that, was an okay day. We amazingly got in and out of my doctor appointment in less than 3 hours which is, well, amazing! Usually we spend 3 hours in the waiting room alone. So that was good. I also finished up a UVA form that\’s due next week, went to the dermotologist with my sister (our doctor has a fun accent!), and did lots of cooking/baking (trying to use up a lot of ingredients before we go on vacation). So tomorrow I\’ve got work, 8 to 1:30, at which point I must leave early to have an ultrasound done (more hormone-related stuff, sigh) and then get home and finish packing and then off to Vanessa\’s to leave for Niagara Falls! Hooray! And now I really need sleepzzzzzz.

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