I can\’t BELIEVE Michael Jackson got acquitted. How does that even happen?? Ugh. And does FOX really have to show that news instead of The Simpsons? ;)

Work was pretty good today; we\’ve got another phone receptionist so I\’m not the newbie anymore! I am, however, very stupid. I was planning on getting to work at 8 this morning since I decided to do full-time hours, and so I wrote down last night: \”Leave at 7:30!\” And then? I set my alarm for 7:30. D\’oh. PLUS, I overslept to that and didn\’t end up actually getting up till 7:50. Ha, oops. Luckily I didn\’t say for sure that I would be in at 8 — so I just went in at 10 like usual, and told Betty I could stay late. Whew. I\’ve been having a lot of trouble sleeping the past few nights and it\’s so annoying. I think it\’s a combination of the hot weather and also my crazy hot flashes (which SUCK, and I have a newfound sympathy for menopausal women, let me tell you) and so I have to listen to a meditation in order to shut my brain up so I can fall asleep. Anyway so I also got to leave work for 2 hours to go to PT which was pretty nice. I miss my pals though … hopefully I\’ll have a chance to see some people this week since I\’ll be gone the next two!

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