Grill pan!


Beautiful, no? It\’s the grill pan I got today at Williams-Sonoma with my birthday gift card! They also let me exchange the microplane I got for my birthday for a different size (I wanted a finer grater). Really nice service there, I must say! I also went to WalMart on the hunt for scrubs but couldn\’t find a small enough size. I\’ve decided that I will be taking the full time job at the doctor\’s office, though. Especially since I have officially quit Panera, now! I called AGAIN today and explained the situation AGAIN and the guy\’s like, \”So … you\’ll be working part time?\” \”Um … no, I won\’t be working there at all, okay thanks bye!\” Anyway, it\’s finally done. So now I can stop complaining about that job. Hurrah. :)

By the way, I really liked Good Bye Lenin!, although it was a little too long. But I think you ought to know, I\’m very in love with Daniel Brühl now. ;)

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