Holy exhaustion Batman. Please remind me to NEVER WORK THESE HOURS AGAIN. First, 10 to 2 at the hospital, which was fine. One of the phone receptionists (the old lady who flashed me on my first day, as a matter of fact) quit, so now I\’ve been asked to work full time, which is like 8:30 to 5, I think. I really like the shift I have, but if I quit Panera I might as well do that. It\’s an easy job. Oh, I mean WHEN I quit Panera. Yes, I tried today, but the manager who does my schedule wasn\’t there so I\’m going to call tomorrow. I must, must quit. I just dislike it so much. Today I worked from 3 until 10:30 because I had to help close, which is such a pain. Also? NO BREAKS. NO FOOD. I would have asked for a dinner break but I never really got hungry, but still, I should have asked. I can\’t believe no one offered me one though. Actually I don\’t think I was hungry because I was so incredibly thirsty the whole time, and the one time I ventured to get a tiny cup of water I got reprimanded for having a drink behind the counter. SIGH. Lips … so chapped. Mouth … so dry. And when there are no customers, you can\’t just zone out for a minute. Nooo, you must CONSTANTLY be doing something. Hey Panera, guess what? When I\’m at the doctor\’s office and there\’s nothing to do, I get to play Solitaire. So there. The only downside to quitting now is that I finally got a chance to talk to people working there who are my age (and speak English) (actually they\’re all younger than me by a couple years). Including a cute guy who\’s really nice. Oh well. That\’s just not gonna do it for me. Oh man, so I made an IC drink in the blender today and left the lid off the blender. Ooops! I thought the thing was going to blow up. Scary. And messy. Anyway so … mmm water. I was so thirsty. And then on the way home the radio taunted me by singing about \”ice cold milk and an Oreo cookie.\” Shut up, Radio.

Okay, time to stop rambling and go to bed because we\’re having a yard sale tomorrow morning and it starts at 7:30. And then going to my cousin\’s graduation party after that. (That\’s a lie. I don\’t have any cousins! I guess technically she is a third cousin though.) So okay. Sleep now! Whew.

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2 Responses to BOO WORKING

  1. Cezanne says:

    WHAT?! no break for food? that’s horrible…at my work you HAVE to take a 30 min meal break, if you are doing an 8-hour shift, and you have to take it before you’ve done 5 or more hours otherwise when you punch out the computer blocks you, because you’ve violated “meal break restrictions”…because you are not paid for the 30 min, you can’t not sign out for meal break…you should definately ask them to give you at least sometime to eat…that’s not good!

  2. Lauren says:

    Seriously! And everyone else got them, and I just didn’t know if I had to ask or what, and no one ever offered me one. Grr. Anyway, I QUIT! Yesss, I just called a little while ago and I’m pretty sure I’m done. I’m going to call back tomorrow though to make sure I speak to the general manager, but I think I’m out of there. THANK GOODNESS. I was just not happy with that job. :/

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