What is wrong with me?

Panera STILL hadn\’t called me about my schedule so I just called them to figure it out and let them know I had another job from 10 to 2 now, which I don\’t think the guy quite understood, because he asked me to come in at 10, but then I said I couldn\’t, so he asked if I could work from 3 until closing on Friday and I said sure. WHY would I do this? I don\’t even know when closing is. I also have no idea what closing involves. But I\’m guessing it won\’t be fun, especially on a Friday night. Seriously, there is something wrong with me. But hopefully I will tell them the deal with my schedule then, and see if I can only work one or two days a week. Preferably one. Half. Whatever, I just don\’t want to quit until I get to use my discount at least once. ;)

My OTHER job was okay today. It was actually quite easy and boring because I didn\’t have to do anything yet. But I was trained and took notes and stuff. I\’m a phone receptionist so I have to answer the phone (duh) and make appointments. Of course, I hate talking on the phone, so that\’s just great. Why can\’t I find a job I like? The people I work with seem nice … I think …? The quarterly staff meeting also happened to be today so I had to go to that and they all seem to have fun but I don\’t know, it just didn\’t seem very professional. I don\’t know how else to describe it. One of the doctors said when I came in that morning, they were trying to figure out if I was \”old enough to drive or old enough to drink,\” which … I don\’t really get. I mean, yes, I KNOW I LOOK LIKE I\’M 15, but does it mean I look like I could either be 15 or 21? Because that doesn\’t make sense. Anyway, it hurt my feelings. I hate looking young. I know the braces don\’t help. Also, one of the phone receptionists is this older woman and she totally flashed us all today. How is this allowed? It\’s a doctor\’s office! On the plus side, I get to wear scrubs! Well, I don\’t have any, but perhaps I will get some. They look so comfy!

Anyway I\’m going to try making pizza for dinner tonight, so I better get started on the dough. Have I mentioned that I really miss doing nothing?

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