Oh what a day…

Wah. Horrid day. Work was okay at first, but then I started to get a headache. I got my own drawer (for the cash register) today and was only 4¢ over, not too bad! But my headache just got worse and worse and by the time I was supposed to leave (2pm), I was asked to stay a little longer and I said okay, I can stay till 2:15. And then the manager conveniently disappeared so I ended up working till 2:45 on the register, and by that time the headache was migraine status, which equals nausea. So I felt like crying while I was counting the money in my cash drawer and then FINALLY they let me go and I honestly don\’t know how I lasted that long. Luckily my dad was there because he and my brother had come by for lunch and so he drove me home. Then I took some Aleve … and thennn I threw up. Wow, been a few months since that\’s happened! But okay, helped a little, and then Cindy and I took a nap (cats are experts at that, you know) and I felt much much better when I woke up. I really don\’t know about this job … I\’ve only had 3 days there, so I probably can\’t judge it too much yet, but at this rate I\’m pretty sure I won\’t last the summer there. For now, I\’m thinking I\’ll give it till the end of the month (and I won\’t even be here for the last 2 weeks…) and then see how it\’s going. I was supposed to meet my mom at work after I was done, so I could meet with someone at the hospital to see if I get a job there doing filing, which sounds like something that\’s much more my pace. ;) But now I\’m going tomorrow instead since I was sick today. Hopefully that works out!

This weekend I watched Team America: World Police with my sister. It was pretty funny when it wasn\’t being disgusting. I also watched The Life Aquatic with my dad last night since he wanted to see it (I already have). I really like that movie, but it is a little slow-paced. Before we watched that though, the power was out in our neighborhood for almost 2 hours, from about 7:30 to 9:15 I think. Ah, dinner by candlelight! So that wasn\’t too fun, but on the other hand, it\’s amazing how long those 2 hours felt. I think I had electricity withdrawal. Anyway, my sister\’s got a cookie craving so we\’re going to make some chocolate chip cookies now. Mmm.

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5 Responses to Oh what a day…

  1. Cezanne says:

    okay yea i definately don’t visit your blog enough! *is ashamed*…so where do you work at??!
    I work at Starbucks and it seriously is really tiring standing there all the time smiling at people & giving out change.

  2. Claire says:

    work does suck sometimes, but you have some good days too. although i’ve never gone home and thrown up. you got me on that one. although i sometimes work till 2 in the morning, which is pretty tirirng, but it’s good money.
    the money makes it worth while my dear, just wait.
    love you lots, and see you soon!!!
    p.s, wish me luck on my exams. i’m kind of regretting not studying, but i do have a takent for bs, so we’ll see!

  3. Peg says:

    Lauren, I get the same kind of migraines. If you let the headache get out of control, you reach hurling status. Hope your job improves. Tonight I made the pork roast wrapped in herbs and prosciutto with fig sauce, and herbed risotto. Mmmmmm!

  4. Lauren says:

    Yeah, I used to get them a lot when I was younger. Not so fun! I am definitely going to keep a stash of Aleve in my purse from now on! I still need to try making the pork dish, but I made the basic risotto recipe and added frozen peas a couple weeks ago and it was verrrry good!

    Claire: I have much faith in your BSing skills! Good luck my friend, and I can’t wait till you get here! :D

    Cezanne: Yeah, I agree … the constantly standing part is really tiring! Hehe don’t worry about it, I only got the job last week. I’m working at Panera; yesterday was my 3rd day. I was so excited about it but it’s really, really not so fun. :/

  5. ney says:

    Hey hun, sorry to hear about your headache. Sorry I couldn’t go to dinner on Friday with you guys… My job is stressing me out too! GAG. I’ve also had days when I don’t think I can do it but I have to keep on truckin’. Just keep telling yourself that it’s only for the summer and you’re getting paid to do it! That’s what keeps me going! lol….10 days until Canada!!!!! Later lovely.

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