Okay. Work at 9am tomorrow! Wish me luck that I don\’t screw anything up too bad, okay? Thanks! I went to Kohls with my godmommy for uniform clothes (solid colored polos and Docker pants) and got some good stuff, all on sale because Kohls is awesome like that. I just hope I don\’t get too nervous about tomorrow. I was about the interview and about the orientation, and they were both so easy and casual. So I just have to remember to stay calm! Right. Good luck on that one.

At the first of the two cookouts I went to on Saturday night, Sue\’s sister, who also loves cooking (and who made some truly fantastic creme brulée and orange pound cake for dessert!), got me the Everyday Italian cookbook, which has some very pretty pictures and very pretty recipes! So I made the pasta primavera tonight and it really turned out well. I highly recommend it! I only wish I had thought to use my fancy new food processor for all the vegetable chopping, \’cause there was an awful lot and I\’m very slow at that and machines make everything more fun. Oh well, next time!

P.S. Genius!

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  1. Allie says:

    Anything that has the word “primavera” in it turns out to be delicious. You can never go wrong by adding heaps of vegetables to a recipe. Yum.

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