Woohoo! Just back from orientation. I was LATE, which I was freaked out about, because I made sure to leave early and thought I knew where I was going but then I got to Reston Town Center and completely forgot where its Panera was located. D\’oh. So I drove around and hyperventilated and called my parents and called Maureen and then finally kind of figured out where I was. Whew. I was about 15 minutes late so I missed some stuff but it wasn\’t too big a deal, and someone came in like a minute after me so at least I wasn\’t the last person there. ;) Anyway. It was really fun and I\’m actually very excited about working there! Hopefully will make some new friends too! I even knew two people there! Well, \”knew.\” There was this one guy who looked really familiar and I was like, \”Hey, did you go to Governor\’s School?\” and he was like \”Yeah!\” and I was like \”Me too!\” and then I couldn\’t think of anything else to say so I was like, \”Okay. Well. Just checking.\” Yeah. And then this girl said, \”This may sound kind of weird, but did you go to O\’Connell?\” and I said, \”Hey yeah! I know you!\” so I talked to her a bit. Also we got to sample some salads, sandwiches, and pastries. Yeahhh, this is my kind of job. :) I must say, the raspberry cheese croissant? Is delicious! (Why yes, they are paying me to say that! But it\’s still true!) So yeah, I\’m excited, although I still don\’t know what time I start on Wednesday (I\’m going to call tomorrow) or how to do any of the barista or sandwich line stuff, but it should be fun. Also I need to get myself some solid colored polo shirts. Anyone up for shopping tomorrow?

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  1. So much for dieting when one is working at Panera, hey? :-) I will be packing and stuff tomorrow but if you want someone to wander around with, let me know. I’m sure I can take a break from packing (more or less).

    I’m glad you like it and even sorta know some peeps. I made some really good friends from my various and sundry places of employ. (Met some dorks too, mind you)

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