Ah, capitalism

Goodbye days of doing nothing; hello corporate employment (and the paycheck that comes along with it)! Yess, I got the job. Training is on Monday and I start Wednesday! Awesome. Interview was pretty easy, though I had to wait 30 minutes for the manager (but that\’s okay because they\’re going to be giving me money soon) and the questions were easy, but I couldn\’t hear everything he said very well because we were at a table in the middle of everything but I think I caught the important stuff. Whew. Anyway, off to have dinner at my mom\’s friend Sue\’s house, and then going to Moe\’s BBQ! Should be a fun night. Also I got some good non-tshirts last night while shopping, yay. :)

P.S. Two good sites … Japanese Talent Show (freaky!) and How to Become an Early Riser (might need to study up on this one).

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2 Responses to Ah, capitalism

  1. HEY! What happened to our days of hanging around the pool, getting tan and then going shopping? How can it be that when *I* stop work, *you* start! Dag!

    Congratsm babykins! You go, girl. I’m just gonna have to find another 12 year old pal to tan with for the days you aren’t available. :) YEY for you!

  2. Allie says:

    Congratulations! :D

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