Teachers, then cats. Like Prof McGonagall!

I\’m tiiired. I\’m tired because I woke up at 6am to go to school this morning. Actually, I woke up at 6am so I could leave at 6:45 and then sit in traffic for 45 minutes in order to go to school. Yeah, I so don\’t miss doing that every morning!

So I drove my sister in and met up with Vanessa! Christine left, we went to Starbucks to get hopped up on caffeine, then drove back to school, and one scary parallel-parking job later, we went inside to visit Frau. Also, because I am a fantastic big sister, I brought Christine a frappuccino (which Ney graciously hid in her bag for me, in case it was verboten). Yes. So we chatted with Frau during 1st period which was great (I miss that class so much!) and then went to see if we could find Mrs. Cer, which we did, but only got to say a quick hi since she had to proctor an exam (seniors were having finals, something I missed last year due to overly long hospital stay!). Saw Mrs. C, Ney\’s yearbook teacher, and then checked Sr. MC\’s room to see if she was about, but she wasn\’t, which is okay because I\’m not sure she\’d have remembered me anyway, and also she is kind of scary. And we went to the center office to see if we could find a senior friend of ours, for which we got snapped at, but man, that office is looking nice! They sure did upgrade. What\’s with the leather sofas? Anyway. Then we wandered. Then we found Major P! He had a free period so we went to his classroom and talked, and guess what, he keeps his boat in the same area Nunc keeps his! Neato. Then we saw Molly (Kristin\’s sister) so we talked to her for a while. (My, aren\’t we popular?) Also went to see Natalie\’s mom and searched futilely for Miss McC. Ah well. Ney signed us out while I went into the cafeteria to say bye to Christine. She even let me hug her! (Well, perhaps that was because I gave her money for lunch first.) Then we were hungry so we drove around Lee Hwy looking for nourishment, and lo and behold, Wendy\’s was back! How could we turn that down? And then we went back to school where Ney fearlessly maneuvered her car out of the spot we squeezed into earlier, and tada! Back home. So guess what, it\’s really nice going to school knowing that you\’re not actually going to do any work!

Okay, so this was meaningless to those of you who did not attend O\’Connell. And also it was kind of boring (even if you did go to O\’Connell!). So to make it up to you, um … well … here is a picture of my cats! (Let\’s pretend my bed is not that messy, okay thanks. Actually, my bed is looking much, much messier now. And I just took this picture yesterday.)

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5 Responses to Teachers, then cats. Like Prof McGonagall!

  1. Allie says:

    Upon seeing that picture, I immediately let out a happy squeal. Cats make me smile :D

    I hate parallel parking… probably because where I live, there are mainly shopping malls/centers (with… parking lots) so there is hardly ever a time when I need to park in the street. When I drive to Brooklyn, though, I get panic attacks when I have to park. Such anxiety first arises because finding parking is like winning the lottery. (You drive around the same couple of blocks for about 30 minutes until a spot finally opens up.) Then comes the actual act of parking… which scares me to death.

    I especially hate parking on the left side on one-way streets. I learned to park on the right! Why can’t I stick to that?

  2. Lauren says:

    Hehe! That’s the sight that greeted me when I got back from PT yesterday and went up to my room — they sure do love lounging on my bed all day! (As do I, really.)

    Yeah, I’m very scared of parallel parking! I never learned to do it, and have never really HAD to do it (I’ve only attempted once, and it didn’t go too well!), so when the time comes that I must do it … watch out! Vanessa was pretty good at it though, and I got out to direct her so that she wouldn’t hit the car in back, heh. (But I probably should have watched the one in front too, since I think it got a little love tap. Oops!)

  3. ney says:

    Mum’s the word on the car infront of me at DJO. At least we bailed out before the owner of that car came out. Incase anyone else is wondering…it was more of a love tap and there were more scratches on that car before I even tapped it. LOL. And remember…. a femur is a muscle! lol…later hun!

  4. ney says:

    WOW…caught myself but not in time….CORRECTION… A FEMUR IS AN ORGAN (not a muscle!) Those durn blonde roots are growing out again! lol..laterz!

  5. Maureen says:

    Sounds like fun, wish I coulda been there but I’m too lazy to get up that early. Speculative time for BBQ tomorrow is 7:45, 8pm but I’ll call you tomorrow.

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