Close Encounters of the Insect Kind

I was on my way to PT this morning, and guess what decided to join me for the ride? A GROSS GINORMOUS MOSQUITO. That\’s what. Ugh. I hate bugs, but I especially hate bugs with lots of legs and pointy appendages. So I stopped at the light at the top of my street and opened the door, thinking it would be more than happy to fly away. BUT NO. It wouldn\’t leave, so I \”calmly\” proceeded to stomp at it with my foot (it was perched on the bottom of the window next to me, so this was slightly awkward and crazy-looking). I either killed it or it finally fell out, \’cause I couldn\’t find it after that. Ick. If I have any itchy welts in the next couple of days, I know who to blame.

Anyway, on a happier note, I\’m thinking I\’ll visit Ashley at work this evening, because she just got a job at California Tortilla which is pretty close by. She heard back from them pretty quickly too so maybe after I say hi I will just see if they might be looking for more cashiers. :) I still haven\’t heard from anywhere else though, so it wouldn\’t hurt to fill out another application. Speaking of jobs, last night I applied to be a computing advisor at UVA this fall. I hope I get it, because besides sounding like fun (don\’t forget, me = nerd), I\’d also get about $500 a semester. Nice!

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2 Responses to Close Encounters of the Insect Kind

  1. Maureen says:

    Hey chicky, I have training tomorrow afternoon, but nothing on Friday so if you are still planning something I can come.

  2. Lauren says:

    Hey Moe! OK, that’s good! I actually just sent an email out to everyone asking if Saturday would be better, since I know a few other people have to work. So hopefully we’ll figure something out. :)

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