Don\’t even bother reading this

So… TiVo has been automatically recording some odd stuff for me lately. When I first got it, before I set up my own recording stuff, it took the liberty of assuming I was an 11-year-old boy and found some exciting anime cartoons and movies starring \”Hey Arnold\” for me, but that\’s understandable. Now it mostly finds me stuff from The Food Network, which is good. Except for lately. I was just going through the stuff it recorded on its own and — \”Chu\’ong Trinh San Jose: Local area news, entertainment, and music in the Vietnamese community in San Jose.\” Well, sure, that\’s … wait, what? Why does it think I moved to a Vietnamese community in San Jose?? Okay, I guess that\’s the weirdest one, but there\’s also been a lot of movie news kinds of programs that I just don\’t care about. I guess that\’s what the \”thumbs down\” button is for, right?

By the way, I still love my TiVo. Even if it does seem to think I\’m having an identity crisis.

Also, this turned out a lot more boring than I was going for. Sorry about that. Cookie, anyone?

And WHOA, on a completely unrelated note — Mitch Hedberg died?? Aw.

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