Sorry, less grumpy now. Just sick of all the chemo effects not being gone yet. Plus my hemoglobin has dropped again, ALREADY, so I\’ll probably need another blood transfusion later this week. Sigh.

But! I got a nice note from Vanessa today!! And I hope we can have another Canada adventure in June. :D (Hopefully with less rain this time, though!) So that cheered me up. Also, I did get to see the new VM last night and it was brilliant. That show just gets better and better. I wish the rating weren\’t so bad because I am going to cry if it gets cancelled. Do any of actually watch it?? So far I\’ve only convinced my mom to watch it, and she agrees that it\’s good stuff. Come on guys, I wouldn\’t lie to you! :)

My cold is finally leaving! I\’m just down to a dry cough every so often now. And I escaped the fever last night. Whew.

So, you know, I\’d like to complain less, but that might have to wait until I feel better. Whenever that will be!

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  1. jenny says:

    hi laur! this is jen from the list… just wanted to say hi and i hope you’re doing well! i finally checked my mail and thought i’d check out your site- it’s awesome! anyways have a good one! xox

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