Roll with the punches

HMMM. There are a few things I could complain about tonight, let me say. UPN\’s DC affiliate, and its seeming COMPLETELY REAL spite for me, for one. Or the fact that I somehow managed to get a cold that kept waking me up last night with the congestion and the non-breathing and the pain in the glayven sinuses (sorry, Professor Frink moment there). Or that I must spend most of tomorrow back at the hospital getting a blood transfusion (hopefully the last though, if my bone marrow kicks in soon and starts making red blood cells baby!). But I won\’t complain about any of those things! I will take the higher road, and instead talk about something you\’re not even going to see coming (unless, of course, you read the title of this entry); namely, punching.

Okay so. When I was watching Lost this week, I couldn\’t help but notice there was a whole lot of punching going on, and it is something that looks pretty painful. But! I have never actually seen anyone get punched in real life. Nor can I imagine a situation in which I could get punched (um… knock on wood). I mean, people are always punching each other on TV, but really? Does it happen? It\’d probably hurt your hand. And I can\’t really think of what it would feel like. Like, slapping I can imagine. So anyway, I will stop rambling here, and get to my point. Have you ever seen anyone get punched? Or, have you yourself ever been punched? (I\’m talking in the face here, by the way. Not like a punch in the gut, \’cause I can imagine that.)

Anyway, just curious. This discussion sounded better in my head, I promise. Alas, I must blow my nose some more now. Stupid cold.

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4 Responses to Roll with the punches

  1. Amkii says:

    About the punching: I know what you mean! I never actually happens, it seems.

    However! I have punched my friend 3 times within one month this year, all in the facial region. Of course, they were actually just accidents, but it still sounds funny to talk about.

    She even laughed about it, too, when she got over the initial pain.

    …imagine getting punched in the throat. Yeah. That was an accident, too. ^_^

  2. Michelle says:

    hahaha, oh man. Okay. So last night I was in my friend David’s room and I got a call from a friend of mine (also named David, actually…hm…) who had just witnessed a real fight! Yes! Like in Bridget Jones! So apparently there were some heavy punches and objects broken and blood and such. OH MY!

    But alas, I did not witness it and had I not known David to be an upstanding teller of the truth, I would have not believed it in the slightest.

  3. Lauren says:

    Ha! Fantastic! Thanks guys! Another question I have is, what does it sound like when someone gets punched in the face? ‘Cause on TV shows it always kind of sounds like a board getting punched kind of, right? Hmmm. Seems like the noise should be… fleshier (ew)?

  4. Amkii says:

    Hmm…interesting question…good point, too…when I punched Andrea, it kind of sounded like a dull *thump!* or like when you slap flesh against flesh…like you slapped someone…that sound.

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