Suicide – Diamonds, Fur Coat, Champagne

Oh no, Stef is a ghost! Okay, so here\’s what I learned tonight: 1) Pictures (especially ones of moving objects such as ice skaters) taken without flash are very, very blurry. Bad. 2) Should get to rink with more than 30 minutes to skate so I won\’t be cheap and not pay the 10$ even though it\’s so fun! Ah well. Then who would hold bags and take photographs? Exactlyyy. 3) Should not be allowed to eat chocolate anymore. In fact, I think I\’ll give that up for Advent, even though you don\’t have to give up things for Advent. But Chocolate and I have been spending too much time together lately. I think we need some time apart (tear). So so yes. We now have SIX DAYS OFF and I couldn\’t be happier! (Okay, I could be happier, if, say, I didn\’t have to write two college essays, read several books, and get started on two papers. Oh well.) I love Thanksgiving!!

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