2005 Check List

Well 2004, you had your highlights, but I gotta say overall you were quite a letdown. But you were doing okay there for a while. I mean, in January I \”got married\” and \”had a baby\” — pretty exciting stuff! In February, apparently I hated AP Government. Oh yeah, and I attended the fabulous Caps University in the midst of an otherwise crap week! In March, I learned a new St Patrick\’s Day joke and got asked to prom! I also found a mysterious bump on my leg. Kinda downhill from there, huh? Except for EUROPE!!! (I didn\’t even get culture shock!) Definitely the best part of my year (for various… um, educational reasons?).

Anyway, yeah. Not a whole lot of fun after that. That\’s okay. 2005 will make it up to me, I just know it! (And with that statement I\’ve probably ensured that I\’ll get the plague or something this year.) Here is my checklist for 2005!

  1. Finish chemo (almost there!)
  2. Grow hair back! (v. important)
  3. Visit friends at college (road trip!)
  4. Get a job
  5. Travel
  6. Go to school!

That\’s all I\’ve thought of now. Maybe more. I can\’t think of any resolutions, really. I should eat better though. More … spinach. Sure.

I\’m so excited! TiVo is all set up!! I think I\’ve wanted that for at least 3 years now. Can\’t quite believe it\’s actually happened!

Party at Andrew\’s tonight! Woohoo! Although maybe I should be a little worried:



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One Response to 2005 Check List

  1. Godmommy says:

    Dearest Knucklehead of love:

    As I sit here gazing into my crystal ball, I can see clearly that wonderful things are in store for you in 2K5 – not the least of which is a faboo trip to the motherland with yours truly!

    So, chin up. I see the light at the end of the tunnel.


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