Endorsed by me

These days, you know, I get all my schooling from The Food Network, and thank goodness. Someone in this family needs to know what a shallot is. My favorite shows are Good Eats and The Secret Life Of…. Who needs a chemistry teacher when you\’ve got Alton Brown! And Jim O\’Connor amuses me greatly because he is basically a big kid. So don\’t worry. I am still getting some good learning. But then there are some hosts that I sort of hate for no reason. Like one Sara Moulton. And the \”Barefoot Contessa\”. Contessa of what, might I ask? Well anyway. I guess this concludes my Food Network endorsement. I really need to get a hobby. (Oh hey … cooking!)

Oh and also, I want to see A Very Long Engagement toooo!

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  1. Brian says:

    I LOVE the food network. Alton Brown is the man.. I have learned so much from his crazy antics. But I must say..watching 30 minute meals I have seen my soul mate..Rachel Ray was meant to be mine..all mine.

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