Super Lauren!

Man, I\’m amazing. My blood counts are so good today. How do I do it? I don\’t even know! And yet, I still have to get my white cell booster shot tonight. Why? My dad bruised me last night with it. Ouch. Mommy, come home soooon!

There is still nothing interesting going on though. PT was good, and my new penguin socks were a hit, but my knee is stuck at 65 degrees and I can\’t get it to bend anymoooore. They are going to call in the medieval torture techniques soon, you know. (No, seriously. Something involving pulling on my shins … yaaaah!) OK Knee? You hear that? Start moving!

Gotta cook dinner now. I got about 7 cookbooks for Christmas and now I\’m expected to feed everyone for the rest of the week, yeesh.

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2 Responses to Super Lauren!

  1. Michelle says:

    Lauren’s knee needs to work because Michelle needs to hang out with her! I’m here until the 24th…of JANUARY. (Got here pretty late for break, but whatev’; I’ll deal.) w00t. So we have plenty of time to KTBSPA4EVA. Oh man. Anyhoo, I just saw Phantom of the Opera and it was so amazing, I can’t even describe it to you. See it again with me! Talk to you soon, miss Luaren.

  2. Lauren says:

    FABULOSO. That is lots of time. I have much Eddie to show you!!

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